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punjabi driving lessonsRaani - I was training with a national college, I had paid £4000 for the course and yet I failed my first attempt with a 2-3. I was determined not to fail again, so did my training with chris, he taught me so many things that I'd never been told at the college and showed me how to identify faults and correct them. I passed my second attempt at my adi part 3 on 24/2/10 with a 5-4!!! I would rate chris as one of the best trainers in the country!!!!

Adi Part 3 training

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Whether you are already doing part 3 training and require further adi part 3 training or have just passed your adi part 2 test and are now needing to find a good adi part 3 trainer, that is ORDIT registered, then Driver Training Ltd can help you to pass your adi part 3 first time

Adi Part 3

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The adi part 3 test is first and foremost a test of teaching ability, the examiner wants to see if you can teach someone your methods to help them, once you leave the car, to be able to do it on their own. For instance once you have taught someone to parallel park, if they then go home and go out in the family car with mom and dad, would they be following exactly what you said to them, be able to do it succesfully without you there.
The adi part 3 test is split into 2 sections

Adi part 3 - PHASE 1
Your examiner will play the role of a learner with either no, or very little, experience. You must demonstrate a very high level of teaching skills and the ability to adapt your methods to suit the pupil.

Adi part 3 - PHASE 2
Your examiner will play the role of a pupil with more experience or a qualified driver requiring some driver development. You are being observed on your ability to assess and correct any problems the pupil might have and also what advice you give to help them improve.

You must pass both parts on the same test. For each of the two roles the examiner will choose one of the exercises below as the basis of the instruction:

  • Safety precautions on entering the car and explanation of the controls;
  • Moving off and making normal stops;
  • Reversing and while doing so entering limited openings to the right or left;
  • Turning the vehicle round in the road to face the opposite direction, using forward and reverse gears;
  • Parking close to the kerb, using forward and reverse gears;
  • Explaining how to make an emergency stop and practical instruction in the use of mirrors;
  • Approaching and turning corners;
  • Judgement of speed, making progress and general road positioning;
  • Dealing with road junctions;
  • Dealing with crossroads;
  • Dealing with pedestrian crossings; and giving correct signals in a clear and unmistakable manner;
  • Overtaking, meeting, crossing the path of and allowing adequate clearance for other road users;
  • Giving correct signals;
  • Understanding traffic signs, including road markings and traffic lights;

In assessing your adi part 3 performance the examiner will take into account the:

Method, clarity, adequacy and correctness of instruction;

The general manner of the driving instructor;

The instructor will have to demonstrate the skill to be able to maintain control over the lesson, be patient, tactful and give encouragement to the pupil when required.


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Only pay for the adi part 3 training you need.

How many hours training you will need for the Adi Part 3 (Instructional Ability) all depends on "How quickly you can learn how to teach". However, a minimum 40 hours training has to be completed in order to cover the full DSA syllabus. For your Adi part 3 training we can either do it in 20 two - hour sessions, 10- 4 hour sessions or 5 full days of 8 hours each for those who wish to speed up the part 3 training processand we can arrange the training to be structured to suit each individual client.

This exam is based on the fact that you have passed your Part 1 (Theory) and Part 2 (Driving Ability) but can you now pass this knowledge and skills onto your pupils in a relaxed, professional and disciplined manner.

 All training conducted on a one to one basis

For this part of the adi part 3 training, Driver Training Ltd  conducts this training on a "one to one basis". This is more beneficial to the client because:

~ You are receiving my full devoted attention and time;
~ You are receiving full use of my knowledge and expertise;
~ You are receiving what you are paying for; (Top quality first class training)
~ You are not sitting on the back seat "observing" whilst another student is learning how to teach;
~ If you do, or say, something wrong you won't feel "embarrassed" because only your trainer is present;
~ You will be more inclined to ask questions on anything you don't understand;

ADI Part 3 training consists of:

  1. Personal training by
  2. 40 Hours training (20 two - hour sessions unless previously arranged)
  3. Extra training can be arranged at £25 per hour if required.

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The Costs

The Adi part 3 training is £1200 and lasts for 40 hours and is on a 1:1 basis. 

You can spread the costs of the training by way of 3 options;

Option 1:
This training can be paid in advance at your course induction or 7 days before your training begins. This payment includes all the course material and 40 hours in - car training on a 1:1 basis, we do not share your time with other students unless you request other wise. Driver Training Ltd strongly believe in 1:1 training for adi part 3 because trainees have our full undivided attention and time. We always use the driving school car for this type of training because our vehicle has dual-controls and displays L Plates etc. This payment covers all 40 hours adi part 3 training and course literature but does not include DSA test fees.

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Option 2:
You can pay for the adi part 3 training by way of 3 payments if you require. The first payment of £400 is due on your course induction or 7 days before training commences. This covers you for 12 hours of adi Part 3 (instructing) training and the next payment is due 12 lessons later and the third and final payment is due 12 lessons later. This payment covers all 40 hours of training for the adi Part 3. This payment covers all 40 hours training and course literature but does not cover DSA test fees.

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Option 3:
Pay as you Go - many trainee's prefer this option to relieve the financial stress. All sessions must be paid in advance and if cancelled require a minimum of 48 hours notice.

Adi part 3 rescue Training

This is for pdi's who have taken and failed an adi part 3 test already, or those who have completed the 40 hours training but still do not feel ready for the adi part 3 test.

Common Statements by those needing extra part 3 training.

  • I have never understood the pst sheets
  • I have never gone through the pst sheets
  • I have never done pst.......
  • I have never been told to commentary drive
  • I struggle with phase 2 and knowing what to say
  • I never feel in control of the test
  • I was that nervous I didn't know what to say
  • My briefing was too long
  • He asked me questions that I didn't know the answer to.
  • They told me to go for the test and at least I would know what to expect next time
If you have experienced any of those thoughts or feelings during your adi part 3 training, don't worry we can help!! As ORDIT registered trainers we have a high pass rate (85%) on part 3 training. So we can give you the best possible help in passing your adi part 3 test.

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