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When you take your adi part 3, the examiner will mark you using an Adi 26 form, more commonly known as a PST sheet or Pre-set test. You have 10 different PST sheets these are split into 2 so in effect you have 20 different tests and YOU HAVE to know and be prepared for each and every one of these or you WILL FAIL!! Your trainers should have already given you these and you should know them off by heart already. If you haven't swop trainers now!!!! Below we will explain this sheet and what it means for you


Driving instructor training pst 1



1- Name and car details






2 - Core Competencies




3 - Instructional Techniques








The 2 columns on the left of the sheet is what you are going to be tested on.





PST 1 Phase 1- Controls lesson

Phase 2 - Crossroads

Phase 1 - So for the first 27 minutes or so the SE is goingto play the role of someone who has never driven before and you'll be expected to explain the cockpit drill and controls. As a word of warning if you are doing this correctly you should only get as far as the foot controls before your time is up. If you get past the foot controls on the PST sheet you are missing important and relevant things out.

Phase 2 - For the second part, your SE now changes roles to that of an experienced driver, one who isn't too good at crossroads. For this you have to listen to the word picture that your SE will give you. He could be coming upto driving test standard, but not confident on crossroads, he could have recently failed a driving test, because of something he did at crossroads. You have to listen to what he says and plan your lesson accordingly.

Now the good thing with the PST sheets is that it is like having a test, but, knowing the answers in advance. Because its only the items listed, that they can make faults on. So for crossroads its either going to be Mirrors, speed, gears, etc, etc.

So if you thinkabout this in advance it becomes obvious at to what the faults can be.

Mirrors - Not checking before signal or moving position, checking the wrong ones, checking after signal,

Speed - Approaching the crossroads to fast, or too slowly.

Gears - Being in too high a gear for the approach speed, putting into too low a gear for the speed, coasting.

Adi PST Sheet

The main box though on a PST sheet is number 2 the core competencies box.

You'll notice that is split into the sections

Identification of faults

Fault Analysis 

Remedial Action

1 2 3   4 5 6


Next to each one you will see 6 columns like above.

1 to 6 is your grading mark - 4 is the minimum grade required to pass the adi part 3 exam. So all of the 6 rows must be marked with at least 4 for you to be succesfull in passing your part 3.

The top row is for your grading on the phase 1 part of your test.

The bottom row is your grading for the phase 2 part.

Fault Identification - As it says what am I doing wrong? As soon as you see it TELL me!!

"Stop!! You are about to open your door chris without checking over your shoulder into the blindspot"

Fault Analysis - Tell me/Ask me,  why its wrong? Give me the WORST case scenario!!

"What would of happened if you'd opened your door just as a 40 ton lorry was going past?"

"What would have happened if the postman had been going past on his bike, what could you have done to him?"

Remedy - Tell me how to do it properly, and, make sure that I do!!

"So, chris, I'd like you to look over your right shoulder and see if there is anything coming down the road, is it clear? Yes, I aggree, so let's open the door then.

You've seen the fault, told me why its wrong and what could happen, and you've made sure i've done it correctly!

Tick, Tick, Tick,

Now all you have to do is learn all 10 (so 20 tests in total) and you are on your way to becoming a driving instructor!

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