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Driving instructor Training.

We are ORDIT registered driving instructor training, providers,  which means that the DSA have looked at the way we train people and they aggree that our training methods and explanation of them is done in such a way that it meets with the exacting standards required for driving instructor training by the DSA themselves.


Generally speaking, driving instructor training can come in many shapes and forms and if you are considering taking the relevant actions to become a driving instructor, then there is no better place to start than with us here at Driver Training Ltd.


As one of the top ORDIT (official register for driving instructor training) driving schools, we have a sizeable reputation when it comes to driving instructor pass rates. Regulated and audited by the DSA (driving standards agency) an ORDIT accredited driving instructor has passed a number of tests and undergone a significant amount of training before being passed and approved as a qualified and capable driving instructor.


Becoming a driving instructor offers many individuals the opportunity to be their own boss. Men and women across the UK are already seeing the benefits of the driving instructor training they’ve received from us here at Driver Training Ltd. Along with an increasing population comes the increase in demand for competent and personable driving instructors.


We at Driver Training Ltd have been training people to become driving instructors for many years and whatever driving instructor training you require you are ensured of getting exactly what you need with us. Our no nonsense driving instructor training is given on a one to one basis meaning you get the undivided attentions of one of our many highly trained driving instructors. This in turn also means that if you pay for two hours of driver instructor training; you get the full two hours.

Become a driving Instructor


Approved driving instructors are in high demand. Requiring a high standard of driving ability together with a sound knowledge of the subjects related to teaching others how to drive, and where your skills as a people person need to be brought to the fore.


To be successful within your new career, you need to be knowledgeable about;


  • How to teach
  • How people learn
  • How to assess the performance of others
  • Communication
  • Interpersonal skills and abilities


(Confessional/Agony aunt is an additional extra)


What you do need to bear in mind when you do begin on your new career path as a driving instructor is that you are going to be teaching something that you find very easy to do, therefore a good amount of patience and understanding are excellent qualities to have.

Instructor Training


Very few jobs offer such flexibility, earning potential or job satisfaction as you watch your pupils go on to become fully qualified drivers. So if you are good with people, have a desire to become your own boss with a flexible working pattern and hours to sit your daily schedule then why not give us a call. Driver Training Ltd has all the driving instructor training tools you need to make a success of your new career.


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