ADI part3 - PST 1 -

ADI PST 1 - Cockpit Drill and Controls.

(See our video tutorial notes to this PST on our You Tube page. Here)

Setting the scene
“I would like you to assume that I am a complete beginner and instruct me on the safety
aspects on entering the car for the first time, explain the important controls, and if time
permits instruct me in moving off and stopping. Please correct any faults that may occur”


Examiners need to be seated in the passenger seat so that the PDI
can drive to a suitable location for the lesson. - Remember you have to drive to the site, so your driving needs to be at part 2 standard

Where do I do The Briefing

You need to start with safety precautions on entering the car before you get in. The rest will be done at site

Safety Precautions on Entering the Car and Explanation of Controls

The PDI should be able to explain the following items: -

  • Precautions on entering car - doors secured,
  • seat and head restraint adjusted,
  • correct fitting (and release) of seat belt
  • adjustment of mirrors.
  • Important controls - accelerator, footbrake, clutch, handbrake,

         gears, steering and direction indicators.

  • Precautions before starting the engine and starting procedure should be explained.

If time permits, the PDI should also deal with the preparation, observation manoeuvre routine, this will include co-ordination of all controls.

The order in which the controls are explained will indicate the skill in imparting knowledge in a sequence that is both logical and easy to remember.

The PDI may be asked simple questions about matters that he had already mentioned, but
should not be prompted to mention particular items at this stage of the test.

(Simple questions are those of an elementary or superficial nature which a person with little or no knowledge of motoring might reasonably be expected to ask).

Care should be taken to avoid any questions that might appear to be aimed at testing a PDI’s mechanical
knowledge as distinct from the background that he should have in order to give proper instruction.

cockpit drill

Common Faults

PDI's not spotting faults with any of the items you are talking about

Not explaining in any detail about the cockpit drill

Using wrong terms - e.g look in your wing mirror - I DONT HAVE A WING MIRROR!!!

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