ADI part3 - PST 10 - Adequate clearance

PST 10 - Adequate Clearance

pst 10 adequate clearance2     pst 10 shaving 3

The Objective - Adequate Clearance

In this part of the exercise the PDI should be expected to deal with margins of safety when passing stationary vehicles and obstructions.

Following behind other vehicles: 

When covering this part the PDI should explain the need to allow adequate separation distances when on the move and when pulling up behind vehicles in queuing traffic.

The ‘pupil’ could quite properly ask questions on overall stopping distances.

The Briefing

This is done at the test centre

Common Faults

  • Letting the pupil get too close to parked vehicles - What is known as "shaving"
  • Failing to give any focal point on approach (not just pulling up alongside it!!! How can i judge it BEFORE I get there??)
  • Failing to stop me repeatedly getting too close
  • Not giving me a way of keeping a big enough gap from the vehicle in front
  • Not giving me a focal point when pulling up behind queuing traffic

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