ADI Part3 - PST 10 - Meeting

PST 10 - Meeting Traffic

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A road with parked vehicles and traffic coming the other way

  • Is there anything coming?
  • How wide is the road?
  • Can we get through?
  • Who has priority?
  • Is he giving way or carrying on?
  • Do we have any spaces to pull into to?
  • Do they have any spaces to pull into?


This exercise should be applied, so far as possible, on roads which have
standing vehicles, so that judgement (and guidance) are needed about waiting for
oncoming traffic which is met.


and the link with anticipation should also be covered.

meeting traffic

  The Briefing

  Is done at the test centre

  Common Faults

  Coming upto a meeting situation too fast

  Not recognising a meeting situation

  Taking priority as a reason to go

  Failing to judge the oncoming vehicles intention







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