ADI part3 - PST 10 - Overtake

ADI PST 10 - Overtaking

Why can't i overtake here??

pst 10 overtaking  pst 10 overtaking 2

Well unless someone teaches me not to, I will probably think its safe too

overtake and hold back

 Subject -

  To teach me how to overtake in a place that is safe and legal

  The Briefing -

  Should be done at the test centre - Remember this will need to include an overview of  overtaking cars, bikes, lorries or even horses.

 3 questions to ask yourself before overtaking..... Is it Safe, Legal and Necessary?

 Answering No to any of these means we dont overtake.


Common Faults -

  •  Not identifying the fact that the "pupil" was going to overtake until its too late
  •  Letting the pupil overtake when it was not safe or legal too
  • Failing to give the pupil a precise way of knowing it was safe to pull back in ...(telling him to look in his left mirror is quite frankly suicidal and you will fail)
  • Not using the correct procedure to overtake (IT IS NOT MSPSL!!)
  • Not identifying road markings or signs, as to where is safe and legal, so even if the pupil doesn't get chance to overtake anything, does he come away knowing more than when he started?


Overtaking should be tested wherever practicable however on occasions there may be few opportunities to do so.

In those circumstances it would be acceptable for the examiner to test this aspect by asking suitable questions to assess the PDI’s

One question would not be sufficient so it is important that the examiner can follow up any feedback with relevant supplementary questions to ensure that “overtaking” can be tested satisfactorily.

* I can Overtake now surely?          * Well how about now?

pst 10 overtaking road markings2  pst 10 overtaking road markings3


Overtaking a bicycle                                 Or is this how you do it?

pst 10 overtaking a bike   adequate clearance


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