ADI Part3 - PST 2

PST 2 Moving Off and Stopping

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Moving Off, Making Normal Stops and Use of the Mirrors

Examiners need to select a road suitable for moving off and stopping, ideally a quiet clear
stretch of road. Left and right turns should be avoided.

Moving off:

The PDI should deal with the preparation observation and manoeuvre routine

Examiners should test the PDI’s ability to identify whether the correct move off procedure has been executed from both the control and observation aspects, to include the all important timing of the blind spot check.

                MOVING OFF                                                          STOPPING

DTL move off  pulling up
Normal stops:

The PDI should deal with the selection of a safe, convenient and legal place for stopping the MSM routine and the appropriate use of controls.

Use of the mirrors:

The PDI should deal with the mirrors from a general aspect of the driver’s seating position and adjustment of the mirrors; also the importance of rear vision at all times.

The PDI should refer to the ‘blind spots’ and to take account of what is seen in both the interior and exterior mirrors.

They should emphasise that mirrors should be used in pairs and especially before signalling, changing direction, overtaking or stopping, and should explain the use of the mirrors - signal - manoeuvre sequence.

DTL mirrors


  Not controlling the gas and clutch

  Pulling away with the handbrake on

  Not steering correctly

  Not using MSPSL

  Not checking mirrors

  Not judging pull in position correctly

  Not using progressive braking

  Not checking blindspot

  Not being told where blindspot is






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