ADI Part3 - PST 6

PST 6 - Pedestrian Crossings and the use of Signals

 pst 6 zebra crossing 2

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pst 6 pelican 2

Controlled Crossing - Pelican


pst 6 puffin










Controlled Crossing  - Pufin


pst 6 toucan










  Controlled Crossing - Toucan

  (As a driving instructor can you tell me the difference between these?)



Dealing With Pedestrian Crossings, Giving All Signals by Indicator and by Arm

This exercise will be introduced to the PDI by the examiner saying: “I would like you to instruct me on dealing with pedestrian crossings and also instruct me on how to give all signals by indicators and by arm, assuming that I am ……(partly trained / trained or FLH stage).

(It should be made clear that there are two elements to the test and that all signals, not just those at pedestrian crossings should be covered).

MSM routine:

The testing of the MSM routine is specifically linked to the approach to pedestrian crossings and not any other subject.
Pedestrian crossings: Only in areas where there are no pedestrian crossings may this part of the exercise be dealt with as a ‘verbal testing’.

The ‘pupil’ could quite properly ask questions about other types of crossings not dealt with, overtaking or inviting pedestrians
to cross.

Common Faults

  • Not identifying the appropriate crossing
  • Not telling the pupil how to deal with it
  • The PDI not knowing the difference between them
  • Approaching too fast
  • Not using mirrors on approach
  • Stopping when not needed
  • Going when they should be preparing to stop


PST 6 Signals including by hand

DTL hand signal


  The PDI should cover all aspects of giving signals, not just signals at pedestrian crossings.

 The PDI would be expected to emphasise that they should be given if they will help or warn any other road users, including pedestrians, and that the signals should be properly timed.

Arm signals:

The examiner should test arm signals and activate them on the move in an area that is suitable.

NB: Signals by indicator can be tested at any time during the phase. They can be tested by applying them incorrectly, inappropriately timed or not given when necessary.



Examiners must not incorporate faults for the position, speed and look parts of the MSM
routine. Faults of that nature are “out of PST” and could wrongly imply that the PDI should
change the content of the exercise.

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