ADI Part3 - PST 7

PST 7 Approaching junctions to turn Left or Right

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Turning Left                                                          Turning Right

DTL left turn   DTL right turn

Approaching and Turning Corners

This exercise will be introduced to the PDI by the examiner saying: “I would like you to instruct me in approaching corners, concentrating particularly on turning right and left into side roads, that is major to minor, assuming that I am at the ‘partly trained’ / ‘trained’ stage’

In this exercise the PDI would be expected to

  • deal with the proper approach to the corners,
  • the correct use of the mirrors,
  • the correct timing of signals,
  • use of brakes and gears,
  • avoidance of coasting 
  • the correct speed of approach.
  • The positioning on approaching and negotiating the turns,
  • avoidance of cutting right corners,
  • crossing the path of approaching traffic when making right turns should also be dealt with
  • mention should be made of the necessity to give way to pedestrians who are already crossing the road.

N.B: Swinging wide and swan neck turns should not be simulated as they are not part of this PST.

The Briefing

This would be done at the test centre as the pupil will have done emerging before so the same elements of MSPSL can be used in your commentary.

Common Faults

  • Incorrect use of mirrors
  • Signal timing / Wrong signal
  • Position on approach
  • Wrong gear for the turn
  • Too fast on approach
  • Not judging the gap when turning right
  • Turning too early/late

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