ADI Part3 - PST 8

PST 8 T Junctions Emerging

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              Emerging Left and Right                                               Zones of vision

DTL emerging   DTL emerging zones

Dealing With Road Junctions

This exercise will be introduced to the PDI by the examiner saying: “I would like you to
instruct me on how to deal with emerging at ‘T’ junctions, turning left and right from a minor
road to major, assuming that I am at………… (Partly trained / trained stage)

This is a one-part exercise in which the PDI should be encouraged to deal specifically with
emerging at T-junctions emerging as distinct from turning right and left into a side road
(which is dealt with in exercise 7).

They would be expected to cover the main points mentioned on the relevant ADI 26/PT and, time and conditions permitting, emerging should be applied as many times as possible to the left and to the right at both open and closed ‘T’ junctions.


This will be done at the test centre as the pupil will have already been taught left and right turns

Common Faults

  • Not identifying open or closed junctions
  •    Speed on approach
  •    Mirrors - Not checking or wrong ones
  •    SIgnal - Wrong direction or badly timed
  •   Gears - Wrong on approach or pull off
  • Coasting
  •   Positioning to go left or right
  • Steering - Turning too much or not enough

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