ADI Part3 - PST 9

PST 9 Crossroads

Dealing with Crossroads

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This exercise will be introduced to the PDI by the examiner saying: “I would like you to
instruct me on how to deal with crossroads, that is all aspects to include proceeding
ahead, turning right and turning left” assuming that I am at the ……(partly trained / trained
or FLH stage)

This is a one-part exercise in which the PDI would be expected to deal with the points
listed on the relevant ADI 26/PT.

Time and conditions permitting the exercise should cover

going ahead,

turning right and left at all types of crossroads e.g. major to minor, minor to major etc.

NOTE! -- Examiners need to direct the PDI to go ahead at crossroads by saying “Follow the road
ahead please” (without mentioning crossroads) so that there is no doubt about the
direction to be taken.


  Identify By Markings crossroads

  A = No priority

  B = Stop or Give Way

  C = Traffic lights and road markings

  D = Traffic Lights and Yellow box Junction

  Centre page sign = Road Sign indicating Priority
















crossroads 2

  Dealing With Crossroads

  Identify road ahead to determine lane position on approach

  Use MSPSL for left and right turns

  Look ahead and determine what other drivers intentions are

  Near side to near side

  Offside to Offside














 Common Faults

Not identifying a crossroad, Not explaining in enough time how to deal with it,

Not telling the pupil not to look - right, left, right







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