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When it comes to the adi part 3 test, many people fall down at the first hurdle by getting the part 3 briefing wrong. It is either innaccurate for the subject or goes on for almost 20 minutes. (one pdi actually did this on his adi part 3 test). Remember your lesson plans just need to give an overview of what you expect the pupil to be doing today.

 Adi part 3 Briefing Subjects

Adi part 3 tips

  • Keep it brief and to the point
  • Keep to the subject of the p.s.t
  • Learn to explain from the pictures and in bullet points
  • Don't give me an in depth briefing and then just expect me to do it!!





    6 - Select first gear, get the biting point then do a full 360 degree observation. Left blindspot, left mirror, centre mirror, the road ahead, right mirror, right blindspot. Then if its safe drive on.


    5 - Handbrake on - This stops the car from rolling forward and running into the person


    4 - BBC - Brake before clutch - Why wouldn't we want to press the clutch down first? But what would happen if we didn't press the clutch down?

    3 - Keep your hands straight on the wheel, their will be times when we need to stop quickly and swerve but for today we are going to stop in a straight line. Also your arms will act as a shock absorber when we brake and the weight of the car is thrown forward.

    2 - Quickly and firmly onto the brake (practice to see how they do this)


    1 - No mirrors - With checking the mirrors continually we know what is behind us and we don't have the time to check mirrors before braking

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