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Adi part 3 - Lesson plans

Many people when it comes to the adi part 3 test, get themselves in a mess over what a lesson plan is. But it is a very simple idea which is used to link everything you are teaching your pupil, together.But basically its just this same formula. You only need to follow this structure for your adi part 3 test phase one. Now this one isn't on your adi part 3 test but it gives you an idea to use with your pupils.

Recap > Objective >The lesson > Review at the end


   Recap - What they did in the last lesson. Can you remember what we were doing on  the    last lesson?

We were practising moving off and pulling up at the side of the road.

That's right and do you remember that a couple of times, we went to move off without checking our blindspot? What could be the problem if we don't make all our safety checks like that?

 Objective - So today we are going to spend a little bit of time getting to know our blindspots.

  At the end of todays' lesson we should be able to..... (Then look at the bullet points under Objectives)

   The lesson - Now a couple of times when you turned to look over into the blindspot last week, you didn't turn your head fully around and i noticed this because I couldn't see both of your ears!

 One of the dangers is the door pillar, do you know what i mean by that? Why is that a blindspot?

 The second one is the area not visible through the mirror. (Explain)

 The rest from the sheet should pretty much be self explanitory.

 Then the pupil drives round, you watch him to make sure every time he moves away, gets ready to pull out at a junction,  he checks his blindspots. If not you stop him BEFORE he moves off

  Review - use a couple of the question just to really sound home what you have learnt today.

  So what are blindspots?

  What things can cause blindspots?

  How can other drivers blindspots affect us?




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