ADI Part3 - PST3

PST 3 Turn in the road

Turning the Vehicle Round in the Road

(See our video tutorial notes to this PST on our You Tube page. Here)

Setting the scene

This exercise will be introduced to the PDI by the examiner saying: “I would like you to instruct me in turning the vehicle round in the road, assuming that I am at the partly trained stage

Turn in Road:

The PDI should deal with this exercise from the aspects of technique (coordination of controls and steering) safety (proper observations.) completing accurately using the full width of the road and avoiding kerb.

DTL turn in road


  This should be done at the site where you are going to do the turn.


  Common Faults

  Co-ordination of controls

  Not sterring quick enough

  Going to fast

  No observations

  Not stopping close enough to kerbs


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