ADI Part 3 Training

ADI Part 3 training.


ADI Part three training & advice for driving instructors

mo passrd adi part 3

 Mo - At Just 23 Mo travelled across and did his ADI Part 3 Training with us and passed first time in June 2013

Jemma passed her ADI part two and part 3 tests FIRST time!! Well Done!
Preparing for your part ADI 3 Test
• Trainee licence or prefer to qualify then start teaching?

Which ever way you want to do your adi part 3 training I can help ypu achieve your dreams.The trainee license works well for some people others prefer to concentrate solely on passing the adi part 3 exam before building up a client base.

• There are many things to consider as you begin your training.

The chances of passing part 3 statistically DO NOT improve with a trainee license infact some trainers believe it lowers the chances of passing in some pdi's.
If you buy a training course offering 40 hours of adi part 3 training be careful, in reality many more adi part training hours are required to develop good instructional techniques leading to a solid foundation which will enable your instructional skills to be adapted and easily pass your adi part part 3.


Its important to understand the marking sheet
Some sections are more important than others
The minimum pass marks are 4 or above in both phase 1 & phase 2
many trainee instructors struggle with adi part 3 training and therefore the exam,so it makes sense to be 100% ready before you attempt the exam.


•I will accompany on your ADI part 3 test if you wish
I wouldn't let you go for a part 3 test that I didnt believe you could pass. Having your trainer with is very important as they give you extended feedback and structure any future training to help overcome any instructional weakness.

•Have you been told or read that ADI part 3 test is difficult?
Many potential driving instructors are taught from the beginning that adi part 3 is a hard exam with a small pass rate,.The pass rate is low, however if you are taught correctly adi part 3 is demanding but a straight forward exam. I will train you on how to become a good instructor so you feel confident to pass your part 3 and your check test.(Adi check test training page here)

Reviews from previous ADI part 3 training clients.

mo passrd adi part 3

 Mo - Chris is a fantastic ADI trainer! We spent 40 hours on a one to one basis and it was really hard work, but the result was a first time pass with a 5-4! (Passed June 2013)





GURI ADI part 3

  Guri - I did my training with a large national company, all on a 2-1 basis, I came to Chris knowing virtually nothing! I passed first time and i am so thrilled that all our hard work has paid off!! I would thoroughly recommend Chris and Driver Training Ltd they are superb. (Passed June 2013)
damien ADI Part 3 Training
 Damien - I travelled from Machynlleth in Wales to Shrewsbury for half day training sessions as i had been badly let down in my training with a national training school. I cannot speak highly enough of the first rate ADI part three training I was given. I passed first time 5-5! (Passed Dec 2012)


Already started your adi part 3 training or taken and failed a part 3 test?

I can give you the advice and support you need to help you through your ADI part 3 test,why not give me a call on 0800 1 777 149 or go to the contact page.

How I can help you

If you are local(within 10 miles) to me I can meet you for an adi part 3 training free assessment session(if your further away there may be a charge for this)

•Perhaps you have already done some adi part 3 training or maybe failed a test already? I can get you back on track,I regulary sit in adi part 3 tests and know whats required.

•I can identify your strengths and what you understanding of the exam is.

•I will give you an honest opinion of what areas need working on.

•I will send you a detailed report by email to help you prepare further and join you on your test if required.

•If wouldn't tell you to go for a test unless I believe you will pass it.

please contact me and we can discuss your plans

ADI part 3 exam tips

• You must be flexible in your approach to the exam and roleplay and its purpose for this exam.

No two tests can ever be the same so you must act on what is happening at the time,just the same as when you are driving,every journey holds different challenges even on a familiar route.

•You must know what you are talking about AND show it!

During the part 3 test the examiner will use their skill and expertise to draw out knowledge from you about the subject you are teaching.You must adapt to this and show you have learnt more than just the 10 PST's.

• You must be well trained in the various instructional techniques required.

Many PDI's are far too rigid in their instruction believing the way they have been taught is the only way it can be done,sometimes insisting on pointless and unneccsary routines that have a negative effect on the lesson.
Understanding how to approach the part 3 lesson' is vital to success, you must know how to teach a real driving lesson and then adapt your instructional techniques to suit an adi part 3 lesson.

• Pay close attention to your level of instruction.
You must have a clear understanding of how to adapt you instruction at the pace of a short adi part 3 role play exam.

• Teach your 'pupil' the lesson(pst) that has been choosen,avoid slipping into the trap of thinking you need to instruct through every part of the pupils driving.

For example if you have pst 7 phase 1 -'approaching junctions to turn left and right'then teach this, dont concern yourself too much with how the examiner,for example does at emerging from T junctions on a adi part 3 as its not relevant to this particular pst.

• Deal with all faults using the core compentencies to the best of your ability.
Which of the core competencies do you feel that you understand most? Do you understand the link between them? My adi part 3 training sessions often need to focus on areas such as fault analysis,level of instruction, remedial action and control of lesson.


Costs and ADI part 3 training locations.

1 hour Assessment free.
ADI part 3 training from £35 per hour (dependent on your location and how many hours)-
ADI part 3 training in Telford, Shropshire if your prefer travelling to me £ 35 per hour

Payment terms cash or pre payment with card by phone

ADI part 3 Training Locations.



---West Midlands


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