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When you first decide you want to become a driving instructor, the choice of trainers can seem daunting, do you choose a big name, which may see you just as another trainee,take your money and not really care?
Or do you go with someone who you think can help but you are not sure of their qualifications and track record?

Is your prospective trainer ORDIT registered? If not don't use them!

Can they give you previous students who have passed FIRST TIME to prove the quality of there training? If not don't use them!

Well here at Driver Training Ltd, we offer the BEST of both worlds.

Our senior trainer in charge of driving instructor training,  is Chris Gouldingay,
Chris is one of only a handful of trainers in the country to hold Adi, Fleet Training and ORDIT licences.

Instructor training chris Ordit_trainer

 Chris is also one of the UK's Leading team of driving instructor trainers.
Under the direction of John Neilson BSc. DiP DI, who is chairman of the National Joint Council of ADI's and with Lynne Barry MA, who is the General secretary, Chris has had the highest quality training and knows just what it takes to get you through your Adi training.

Chris's qualifications include

  Fully qualified DSA ADI.

  DSA Approved Fleet Trainer

Grade 5 ORDIT registered Trainer

  member of the Institute of Advanced Motorists

 RAC Advanced Driver (platinum standard)

  Member of the Driving Instructors Association

 Member of the Motor Schools Association

 Member of the Chamber of Commerce

 HGV licence holder

All of our driving instructor training is done on a ONE To ONE basis so it all targetted at what you need to do. Not having to spend most of your time in the classroom or sharing a car with someone else who hasn't reached the same standard as you.

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