C1 driving licence - Ambulance and Paramedics 7.5 tonnes

C1 Ambulance & Paramedics Drivers Licence


LGV C1 and PCV D1

If you are considering working as a Paramedic or in the Ambulance Service, as a minimum, you will need to hold LGV C1 entitlement. For some regions, you'll also need to hold a PCV D1 entitlement.

Our 5, 7 or 10 day courses are specially discounted for prospective Paramedic/Ambulance Service personnel.

We advise your ideal course duration by completing a simple telephone questionnaire or an on-road assessment. Courses encompass

  • hydraulic anti-lock brakes and other car-like controls and handling.
  • compact dimensions, excellent all round visibility, making negotiating driving hazards easy

And if you need to get D1, minibus, for patient transfer, we can help you there  too......

  • Our Minibus has been specially selected as a training vehicle.
  • 12 seats and a five-speed gearbox
  • Same handling benefits of our C1 - hydraulic anti-lock brakes and other car-like controls & handling, compact dimensions, excellent all round visibility making negotiating driving hazards easier

Need help getting started?

 we can help you pass your theory test by supplying a choice of books, CD ROM, DVD and on line learning as well as arrange your theory test appointments unless you prefer to visit the DSA website and arrange yourself.


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