C1 3.5 tonne upto 7.5 tonne lorry licence

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c1 7.5 tonne training





There are a range of jobs you can get with this licence as you will be covered to drive any truck or van that is over 3500kg and up to 7.5 tonnes.

One of the most popular being a multi-drop driver. 

For this role, having a good idea of your local area and being fit to carry boxes and goods and anything up to around 25 drops per day, is the norm.

Our C1 vehicles are at the lower end of the size and weight spectrum which makes it easier (and cheaper) to pass your test quickly.

 7.5 Tonne Training

Our vehicles meet all DSA requirements and give you the advantage of being small and manoeuvrable with simple controls and gears.  After passing your C1 test, if you intend to drive a full size 7.5 tonne vehicle, we'll give you a FREE lesson on one our our LGV C training vehicles to help become familiar with air brakes.

The procedures to get a C1 licence is the same for any LGV: obtaining provisional entitlement, sitting the DSA theory tests, completing practical training and passing the driving test as well and completing the Initial Driver CPC.
Some drivers prefer to 'jump' the C1 and go straight to LGV C.

Quality Driver Training

Going for the C licence does mean taking a larger amount of training because it takes more time to learn to drive a bigger, more complicated vehicle so initially it would cost more than just going for C1.  But if you are aiming at the C (and ultimately C+E), it is better to choose the bigger vehicle in the first place to save having to take lots of driver training to get there.

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