Can I use my own car for the driving test?

Driving in your own car.

  • Can I learn to drive in my own car?

  • Can I take driving lessons in my own car?

  • Can I take the driving test in my car?


Can I learn to drive in my own car?

Since the invention of the motor car, generations of drivers have learned to drive by using the family car. In fairness it tends to be a terryfying experience for both parties to begin with, but is acceptable. My own experience was as a 12 year old being unleashed in a morris minor van (ask your granddad) around a field in barmouth during a summer holiday, with my dad holding the handbrake for dear life, shouting "Ease off - Ease off".

Today, parents may feel that the cost of insuring there new driver is too much of a burden compared with the cost of driving lessons and this tends to be the major reason for not learning in your own car. They may slao feel that with the power of modern cars and the heavy flow of traffic, it is not always the easiest or indeed safest option. But talk it through with them.


Can I take driving lessons in my own car?

To begin with it is generally easier, quicker and sometimes a whole lot safer to start learning to drive in your driving instructors car. The fact that they are modern, air conditioned and dual controlled, means you have more time to relax and really get the feel of driving, without having to worry about making a mistake that could cost you or your family a lot of money.

     However once you are at a fairly modest level in your driving it is more than acceptable, providing your vehicle is insured, roadworthy and fully legal to have your driving instructor teach you in your car. Over the years we have taught many people this way.

Infact one such pupil had a bright yellow Fiat, with tinted windows and alloys, he wanted to learn in his car, so our instructor simply put the topbox (the L plates and sign) on top and they drove around learning in it.

Over the next 3 weeks we got 8 calls from people asking if they could book driving lessons with the instructor with the yellow fiat!



Can I take the driving test in my own car?

Depending on the make of the car, then yes again this is acceptable. (see Exclusions below)

However IT MUST COMPLY to the rules below!!

The vehicle you use for your test must:


  •       have four wheels


  •       be capable of reaching at least 62.5 miles per hour (mph) or 100 kilometres per hour (km/h)


  •       be fitted with a speedometer that measures speed in mph


  •       have no warning lights showing - for example, the airbag warning light


  •       display L-plates ('L' or 'D' plates in Wales) on the front and rear, but not interfering with yours or the examiner's view

      have a maximum authorised mass (MAM) of no more than 3,500 kilograms (kg)

    MAM is the maximum weight of the vehicle including the maximum load that can be carried safely while used on the road. This is also known as 'gross vehicle weight'.The vehicle you use must:


  •       be appropriately insured


  •       display a valid tax disc


  •       be legal and roadworthy and have a current MOT if it needs one


  •       be a smoke-free environment


  •     What the vehicle must be fitted with for the examinerThe vehicle must be fitted with:

                                              a seatbelt for the examiner


  •       a passenger head restraint - it doesn't need to be adjustable, but must be an integral part of the seat as 'slip on' types aren't allowed


  •       an interior rear-view mirror for the examiner to use - you can buy one from most car accessory stores

    Using a hire car for your driving test - You can use a hire car for your test if it meets the following conditions:

  •       it is fitted with dual controls


  •       the vehicle meets all the other rules to be used for a driving test


  •     You cannot use a hire car that does not have dual controls for a driving test.


Vehicles fitted with a space-saver tyre - In some cars the spare tyre is a space-saver intended for temporary use only.

  • You can't take your test if a space-saver tyre is in use.

Vehicles fitted with an electronic parking brake - You can use your vehicle for your test if it is fitted with an electronic parking brake.


Driving Test Exclusions

Some vehicles don't meet the rules and can't be used for a driving test.

This is because the vehicles don't give the examiner all-round vision.

Generally they are:

      convertible cars

      panel vans

    These makes and models of cars CANNOT be used for a driving test:


  •       BMW Mini convertible


  •       Ford KA convertible


  •       Toyota iQ


  •       VW Beetle convertible

    If you want to use a convertible car or panel van for your test, check that it's suitable when you book.