Courses Telford & Shrewsbury

Courses Telford & Shrewsbury.


One Week Driving Course, offer intensive driving school makes the process of getting your driving licence as simple as possible. Intensive driving courses rather than weekly driving lessons carried out by our specialist intensive course driving instructors make the process quick, simple and easy

  • Practical course scheduled approx 2 weeks after theory or when convenient.
  • Practical test is booked for the final day of your practical course.
  • We do not do the driving and then send you home till the test is booked
  • Strictly 1 to 1 instruction by full qualified CRB checked instructors.
  • Our prices include both theory and practical test fees (where required) 

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All our Intensive Driving Courses are delivered on a one to one basis, so you spend the hours behind the wheel, rather than watching someone else. Many driving Courses in Blackpool for instance deliver their courses two and sometimes even three in a car, so what can look a cheap course, is actually only for half or a third of the driving hours we offer.

We arrange your driving test for the final day of the course.

You dont travel to the centre, do your theory, complete your driving and then go home until your test is finally booked.

Our instructors pick you up and arrange your driving test for the most local driving test centre possible.

One Week Driving Course driving school specialises in providing intensive one and two week Intensive Driving Courses throughout  England.  These courses are commonly referred to as crash courses , fast pass courses or block booking courses.

 Whether you have previously taken driving tests with other companies, or a complete beginner, we have a course suitable for you and highly experienced intensive course instructors.

We only provide tuition on a 1:1 ratio, as we believe this gives you the optimum opportunity to reinforce new skills just learned, rather than trying to remember what you covered last week. This method of learning is quite intense therefore regular breaks are essential. We do this by providing 2 hour sessions followed by 30 min breaks.

 One Week Driving Courses has many years experience in driving instruction and provides Intensive Driving Courses to clients throughout the whole of the UK, through a network of instructors. 
With a team of dedicated, fully qualified, approved driving instructors, experienced in providing intensive one week and two week driving courses, One Week Driving Course has a professional team, qualified to take the student through their theory and practical test, in as short a time as possible, whilst still maintaining a high quality service. 
Learning to drive, is a lifelong skill which should be both enjoyed and taken pride in. 

The company provides driving courses ranging from one day retest courses for someone who has recently failed a test ranging up to and including two week driving courses, designed for someone who needs that little extra time to take the information in. The range also includes the popular guaranteed pass course..

The product range covers 6 hour courses, 10 hour fast pass courses, 18 hour crash courses, 20 hour Intensive Driving Courses, 30 hour one week pass courses, 36 hour intensive lesson courses, 40 hour pass your test courses, 48 hour learner courses and the ever popular guaranteed pass course. The courses are available as a rule nationwide. Please check the website for areas covered. 

For the One Week Driving Course we have a wide range of customers ranging from people who need to learn urgently for their job, students who want to get the driving test done during holidays, to people living abroad temporarily who wish to return to take their test in the UK to obtain one of the most recognised driving licences throughout the world. 

Hours Theory test passed Course lasts Cost
8 YES 1-3 days £192
15 YES 2-5 days  £360
 20 YES 1-2 weeks £480
25 YES 1-2 weeks £600
30 YES 2-3 weeks £720
 35 x    3-4 Weeks  £840
40 x 4-5 Weeks £960 

*** Prices EXCLUDE tests ***

Our One Week Driving Course instructors have experience in training new drivers from scratch, to the person who has perhaps failed a test a few years ago and didn't carry on. 
Many of the instructors have been involved in instructor training and have experience of advanced driver training. Whatever your level, One Week Driving Course instructors can improve on it. 

The company aims to provide a simple and efficient means of obtaining your driving licence. Professional quality driving courses suited to your needs. 
One Week Driving Course has Instructors based around the country. The expert staff ensure clients become the best drivers they can be within the course time. A measure of the results can be seen on the we passed page of the website. 


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