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Dealing with roundabouts

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When it comes to dealing with roundabouts there is one golden rule if the exit that you want is 12 o'clock or before then its the left hand lane, if its after 12 o'clock then its the right hand lane. Unless the road markings tell you otherwise.

DTL roundabouts    Imagine the roundabout as a clock face

    If the exit that you want is 12 O'clock or before = Left hand lane

    If the exit that you want is AFTER 12 O'clock then its the Right hand lane.

   Unless road markings tell you different.


  It doesn't matter if it is the 3rd or 4th exit - You go by its position on the roundabout board


   For 1st exit = signal before roundabout

   For 2nd exit = signal once halfway past the first exit

  If the exit you need is AFTER 12 O'clock then signal right BEFORE the roundabout and then left just after you pass the exit before the one you need.

  (So if 3rd exit signal halfway past the 2nd)

  And YES you still need to signal off the roundabout - EVEN when going straight   ahead!



You know you are going that way - But NO ONE ELSE DOES!!