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Meet your driving instructor trainers.

When it comes to driving instructor training, there are 2 things that need to be followed for you to have any chance at all of passing your Adi part 3.

Firstly - ALL your driving instructor training NEEDS to be done a one to one basis.

Secondly - You need to know that your driving instructor trainer will be the same person each time and that they are themselves under the best possible supervision.

Driving instructor training  Our Senior Driving instructor Trainer is Chris Gouldingay

  He not only teaches all over the uk, but supervises and helps all of our other driving instructor trainers to help maintain the very high standards that Driver Training Ltd has set over the years.

Chris is well placed to help you, as he has helped many, many driving instructors to succesfully pass the Adi part 3 exams and of course having to have done exactly the same course himself, knows all too well, your worries and concerns and will help you to understand what is required and how best to achieve this.

Driving instructor training advanced driving

   Chris holds a Platinum Standard, Advanced Driving Certificate






Ordit Badge He is a Grade 5 ORDIT registered Driving Instructor Trainer


Fleet Training Badge He is a DSA registered Fleet Trainer


Adi training green badge He is a DSA registered ADI.

Although chris is based in the midlands, he is often asked to travel across the country to help people on the driving instructor training course. His latest success was helping one of our trainees, Amrit, to pass his adi part 2 test on October 7th 2010 in Hounslow. Amrit passed his Adi part 2 FIRST TIME with only 4 driving faults! Let's face it, it's quite an achievement to get someone to pass an advance driving test first time, it's even more impressive when you are having to teach them on the busy and mad roads around heathrow airport!

The secret to Chris's very high pass rate, is that he does all of his driving instructor training on a one to one basis. Unlike other trainers who expect you to pay full price and then share your time with someone else in the car, Chris gives you his full and undivided attention. Which means even if you have one 2 hours session a week, the WHOLE of those 2 hours are spent purely and simply on you.

In other words you are not only getting the best possible chance of passing but you are truly getting value for money!!

 But Amrit is just one of a long line of people who have trained with Chris and passed the part 2 test first time.

Gareth took his adi part 2 in september and passed first time.

Michelle B. took her part 2 in April and passed first time.

Your Name next???

As well as this, Chris has an incredibly high pass rate for the Adi Part 3 test. At present it averages 90% when the national average is just 27%!!

These driving instructors have then gone on to start and run their own succesfull driving schools.

Driving instructor training rebecca 

 Rebecca Walters - Passed first time with a 5-5 now runs the Beep    Beep  Club



driving instructor training david 

  David Mann - Passed first time with a 4-6 now runs Bromsgrove Driving school



Driving instructor training marie 

  Marie Baker came to us and passed first time with a 5-4 and now runs Marie Baker Driving School




Driving instructor training jamie 

  Jamie Eccles came to us and passed first time. Is now at the Beep Beep Club




Driving instructor training sean 

  Sean Genner came to us and passed first time. Now runs Masters Driver Training.




This is just a few of many, many people who have passed their Adi part 3 with chris. Why not allow us to help you.

You are in the best possible hands with Chris when it comes to Driving instructor training.

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