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Instructor Training FAQ's

Are there any hidden costs?

No - As we have stated the courses are priced based on the amount of hours the DSA says you will need to best suited to pass your ADI part 3 exam. What you need to be aware of, is, if a college is offering you free training if you fail in all honesty you are paying in advance for training you may never get.In theory they are saying, if a course is £3,500 you can have 100 hours of training, what if you pass after 40? Do you get a refund on those 60 hours?? No. But remember 3 fails and you are off the course for 2 years. Thats a lot of money to be sitting in someone else's bank account.

Is there still a demand for driving instructors?

Certainly yes! Each year people become old enough to drive, and so, a new batch of customers emerges. The key is being able to get through their driving test in the quickest time and have a friendly personality

Are the tests difficult to pass?

Have you ever known a test that wasn't? However if you put the hard work in away from the training sessions, then they don't seem as hard as they first appear. The amount of trainees who when they pass, turn around and say "is that it?" really would surprise you.

How long does it take to pass?

The training courses can take on average between 4 and 12 months depending on the amount of preparation you can put in. One trainee in cannock, becky did all 3 parts in 7 weeks!!

What qualifications to I need to become a driving instructor?


How many hours a day will I have to work?


Is extra training available if I want it?