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First 4 Hours / Lessons(those who have never driven) £70
1 Hour Driving Lesson £24
10 Driving Lessons : Block Booking £225
Intensive Driving Course : 15 hours £375
Intensive Driving Course : 20 hours £500
Intensive Driving Course : 25 hours £625
Intensive Driving Course : 30 hours £750
Intensive Driving Course : 35 hours £875
Intensive Driving Course : 40 hours £1,000
Intensive Driving Course : 45 hours



 Pass Plus Course                                                 £140  


 Book Theory Test                                                  £40  


 Book Practical Driving Test                                      £70  


ADI PART 3 Training




£25 per hour. (TF & SY areas)

(Courses Available).


Quality and Cost

When you’re learning to drive you are going to be taught a number of key skills that will ensure you have a long and safe future behind the wheel of a car. As with most things in life the quality and cost of your driving lessons can be related.

Choosing a suitable driving school can be somewhat daunting and the decision is usually made based on price, however, many of the larger driving schools who charge a lot of money per hour, have poorer than average pass rates and a rather impersonal approach to teaching.

To get the best value for money out of your local driving school you need to check on their reputation and search for any recommendations or reviews on the company as possible. On the whole, take a look at the methods of teaching, is the company or are the driving instructors affiliated to the DSA and do they conducted themselves in a manner that is appropriate to your needs as a new learner driver.

If your driving school puts the needs of its pupils first, has a substantial amount of positive testimonials, as well as a high pass rates, a one to one teaching policy, and a personable attitude you are ensured of getting excellent value for money.

The important thing to remember when you look at driving lesson prices is that just with anything else, you get whay you pay for. With the cost of fuel rising rapidly, you need to ask yourself "If I go with a driving school that offers me twenty lessons for £10, then realistically, am I going to do much driving?"

Do you really want to spend your money sitting at the side of the road, listening to hours of theory?

 (if paying by debit or credit card a small fee of 3% of the amount payable will be added to cover the cost of the card payment process).

Pass Plus Course – £140.00
(Save up to 35% on your Insurance with our course)

Look at our Example

If your Car Insurance is £1200
Pass plus 35% discount £420
Insurance after Pass Plus £780.00

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