Driving lessons in the snow

Driving Lessons in the snow

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During the recent severe cold snap Driver Training Ltd did not cancel any driving lessons. It is our belief, that is exactly in this type of weather, that you NEED TO BE TAUGHT how to cope with skids and wheel spins.

Driver training in the snow


As long as the main roads are passable or its not your first lesson,  then we at Driver Training Ltd, believe that you should be taught to drive in every possible weather condition including snow.

After all once you have passed your driving test, then when this happens next year you won't say "Its too cold, I'll catch the bus!". You will be out and about driving in it, so you might as well learn in it!! 


driving lessons snow

If your driving school cancelled your lessons, perhaps it's time to change to a better driving school?

Despite the snow we carried on business as usual

driver instructor in the snow   Telford snow car on road


As you can see the roads were completely covered in snow, but gave a great excuse for pupils to learn to control wheel spins and skids, As well as the odd hand brake turn!!

driving lessons on snowy roads


Driving Tips for Snow

GO SLOWER!!!! - This biggest cause of accidents in the snow is that people still drive like it was summer, the go charging upto junctions or traffic queues and presume they can brake just the same as they've done for the rest of the year. You can't!! Remember stopping distance is at LEAST TEN TIMES FURTHER in this weather.

Use Gears and Brakes - Yes I know this goes against modern driving techniques but the combination of gentle braking and using the gears for engine braking is still probably the safest and smoothest way of slowing down in the snow.

Start off in 2nd or 3rd gear - If you are on snow and find that your wheels spin, when trying to move off, the best thing to do is select either 2nd or 3rd gear put some revs on, and ride the clutch. This means just keeping the clutch on the very edge of the biting point, so the wheel starts to move slowly but you do not allow the full amount of power through to the wheel. Otherwise you'll just end up spinning the wheels again.

Get halfords double concentrated screen wash - We use this in our cars, and even when the temp has been minus 11 degrees we have still been able to clean the windscreens of salt. In fact our biggest problem has been that the windscreen rubber has started to freeze instead


The snow gave some beautiful views though

driving in the snow  sutton hill snow jan 2013


Even the industrial estates looked nice!!

driving lessons in the snow




But the roads were very quiet
Driving safely in snow



driving in the snow 2There was a distinct and notable LACK of driving instructors, willing to teach their pupils in such conditions!!  :(

To have driving lessons with a company that is willing and able to teach you in the very worst of conditions, so that next year your are fully prepared and able to cope with it.



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