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What our Instructor training provides for you.

At Driver Training Ltd, we are different from all the big driving instructor training colleges, we do ALL your training one to one. That's why our pass rates are so consistently high. We continually set your sights high and give you the best possible instructor training so you can be confident that you are making the right choice.


Driver Training Ltd is also a nationwide driving school. This trade is our business and we are very, very good at it. So the way we provide your driving instructor training, is not with you as just another anonymous person passing through, but as a workmate, colleague and friend. Someone who may want to join us and represent our company.

Recognised by the DSA

Driver Training Ltd are on the DSA Official Register of Driving Instructor Trainers (ORDIT) which means that the company premises has been inspected by the dsa, it means the information that we provide you to train to become a driving instructor is correct and in-line with what they require. It also means, most importantly, that what we teach you and the way we teach you is exactly the way they want you and expect you to be taught.

As well as being on the ORDIT register, we are members of the Chamber of Commerce, Motor Schools Association, Driving Instructors Association, and Federation of Small Businesses.

Training for your new career

We know and fully appreciate when you train to become a driving instructor the commitment you are making. so we provide you with the best possible tools to achieve that aim. This includes providing you
The use of a new dual-controlled vehicle to do your training in
All the relevant reading material that the DSA needs you to know
A personalised training programme - Focusing totally on you
Your own personal ORDIT trainer to train with
Free on-line back up
Free phone support
Being a driving instructor really is a worthwhile and rewarding career choice and as you make that choice you can
be sure that you will receive all the back up, support and guidance that you need to do this.
The rewards are good, the job satisfaction really is second to none, and as you train, you are training for a lifelong career, that you
can continually, develop and expand.

We save you money

Unlike other companies who offer to train you at no extra cost (do you know any business that does anything for nothing??)
How can they do that? Simple - you pay for ALL that training at the start. If you qualify, you've paid for extra training not received. Will you get that back?
What we do is simply charge you for the training that the DSA says you should need. Which is why our courses are a lot less than the big instructor training colleges.
or you may choose our Guaranteed pass instructor training course.
The length that you train is up to you but in general can be completed in six to twelve months. To find out more why not look at our complete guide to driving instructor training.
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