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becky 2013
vicky mar 2013
ana shrewsbury
chamade telford
 Chamade Passed Her driving test first time!!
 Computer whizz kid chamade confidently passed first time with just 2 minor faults
 Corey - Passed first time
  Gym instructor Corey lifted himself up to the challenge and passed first time!
 Chloe - Central Taxi's ace controller!
 With a car already waiting on the drive, i think Chloe wont stay in the office much longer!


Ellen passed in the snow  -
  Having to contend with snow is never easy but Ellen overcame it and passed!
vicky mar 2013  Vicky - We finally got there!!
  Despite being very nervous, Vicky did brilliantly to pass her driving test, she now wants someone to buy her a Porsche!
lewis telford
Lewis passed his test on New Years Eve -
 Despite being nervous, he passed! And now you know he'll remember that for the rest of his life!

ryan telford
Ryan - passed first time
 His was the last driving test before christmas


Suzanne did a one week 30 hour intensive driving course and passed first time!!
 She started on Monday morning and 4 mock test and 2 tantrums later.... passed her test Friday afternoon!
Dani Telford Dani - Passed her driving test first time with only 5 minors - then starting planning next years festivals to visit!
driving-lessons telford-luke
  Luke - passed his driving test first time with 4 minors. The first thing he did was to get
 Out of the car and hug it! -- We are not sure why, as it was Luke who did the hard work.
cathryn 2
 Cathryn - Cathryn did a 2 week semi intensive driving course and passed first time with just 1 minor driving fault!!
 Amy - Despite being very nervous on the day of her test, Amy passed first time!
 Vicky - Passed her driving test first time with 2 minor faults! Then promptly headed off to Ibiza for 2 weeks to celebrate! :-(
Driving lessons shrewsbury - Emma
 Emma - Learnt in her own car with one of our driving instructors at her side.
  She took the test in her own car and passed first time!!
 Bex - Passed her driving test first time with only 3 minor faults
Peter Intensive driving course
 Peter travelled from Southampton to Telford to do a 40 hr Intensive driving course and Passed 1st Time!
  He started on the Saturday and by the following Friday had passed his test first time
  and could drive back down to Southampton on his own
 Cicceley. Passed her driving test first time
driving test pass kirsty
 Sarah is an Air hostess and took an intensive driving course
  She passed despite being very nervous and can now drive her own car to and from
  Birmingham Airport where she is based, so saving her parents a lot of travelling!
driving test pass ben
  Ben - I passed and now im off to London! -
  Ben wanted a driving licence so he could head off and follow his dreams in London
sophie  Sophie - I passed first time with 3 minor faults. Sophie did a one week intensive driving course
  and despite being nervous on the morning of her driving test, she easily completed it.
  The driving examiner even commented what an "excellent drive" it was!!
  Kevin - I passed my driving test first time!
  I would tell everyone how enjoyable it is to feel the great sensation when your driving examiner says "You've passed"


 Stuart - I passed my driving test 1st time!!
  I did an intensive driving course, Intense was a times the right word but it was really worth it in the end
 Kirsty - I passed first time!! - I am so glad that i passed!
 No more buses to college, no more early mornings and now I can go to the pub when I want!! Lol!!
dtl intensive driving emily
 Emily - Emily took a one week intensive driving course and passed FIRST time!!!
 I did a 30 hour course over 2 weeks and passed my driving test! Am so grateful to Chris
 and Driver Training Ltd, was great fun!
Dtl passed dave wilson  Dave - passed his driving test with us FIRST time with just 4 minor faults
dtl katie Katie passed FIRST TIME - Despite being very nervous, Katie passed her driving test first time with just 5 minors! She was so impressed with Chris her driving instructor, she brought him a huge box of ferrero rochet chocolates! Which by the way, Chris DID NOT share with anyone!!!
dtl oliver
Oliver Passed FIRST TIME - Oliver goes to Thomas Telford College and had been having regular lessons with Driver Training Ltd, then decided to book his driving test at very short notice as he suddenly felt a surge of confidence!! He passed first time with 3 minors
Intensive driving course liana  Liana Passed FIRST TIME - Liana is from Brazil and took an intensive 20 hour course, whilst she had a week's holiday from work. It was fantastic that she passed the driving test first time!
Driving lessons shrewsbury arron
 Arron passed his driving test  with just 2 minor driving faults

NEW Driving Test - First Pass on the First Day!

New driving test josh  Josh Passed FIRST TIME - Josh was the first pupil to pass the new driving test, just 3 hours after they started to be used. He passed FIRST TIME!Even more impressively he almost got a clean sheet! He passed with just one minor driving fault!

1 week intensive course  Aaron Passed FIRST TIME- Home on leave and took an intensive driving course, passed his theory test Tues 1st Dec, Passed his driving test FIRST TIME on Fri 4th Dec.

jack nicholsonJack Nicholson Passed 1st Time!!
Yes its official Jack nicholson learned to drive with Driver Training!! Remember you heard it hear first!




DSA Test

Driving_lessons_telford_nicky passed first timeNicky - Passed First Time!!
Nicky works at Asda, so expect your shopping to be delivered twice as quickly now!!



cheryl Intensive_driving_ lessonsCheryl - I did a 15 hour course and passed my test first time!!
Cheryl had driving experience but wanted to cram as much in as possible so she booked a 15 hour course with the test at the end and passed with flying colours.



Nervous Drivers are Passing!

Driving_lessons_shrewsbury_katieKatie - I passed my driving test first time!!
Katie passed with 4 minor faults despite being nervous. Now she can finally try and drive the company vehicles!!

  intensive driving lessons amyAmy - I did a 25 hour course and passed 1st time!!
Amy (and gracie) who is due to be born in 4 weeks passed first time, unfortunately only Amy gets the driving licence though.

Intensive_driving_lessons_KerryKerry - I did a 20 hour course and passed first time!
Having some driving experience, Kerry did her course through the snow and blizzards (as you can see in the pic) and she passed first time with 2 minor driving faults.

driving_lessons_shrewsbury_nisaNisa - I passed my driving test 1st time!!
Nisa's claim to fame is being our only pupil who failed her theory test because she fell asleep at the computer in the test centre!! Despite this minor setback! she passed her driving test first time.

driving_lessons_cannock_aliciaAlicia - I passed first time!!
Alicia had the guaranteed pass course with us and had no problem passing her driving test first time!!

Dave 4Dave - I Passed first time!
Dave's girlfriend Nicola passed first time with us and so of course he knew he'd never live it down if he didn't!
Passed with 5 minors

Izzy passed after 22 hrsIzzy - I passed first time!
Izzy passed first time with only 6 minors and took
only 22 hours!

Driving_lessons_shrewsbury_ashley blogAsh - I passed first time.
My lessons were so much fun, and being able to get dropped off at college
made things so much easier. Thanx

becky blogBecky - I Passed First time!!
I was really nervous but chris soon helped me realise I was better than i thought,
Not sure about his jokes tho! But brilliant instructor xx

becky2 blogBecky - I Passed first Time!!
Was helped a lot on my lessons, but quickly felt at ease and had a blast!
Would really encourage anyone to go with Driver Training.

diana blogDiana - I Passed first time!
I was sooo nervous, but they got me to test so quickly, really can't thank them
enough. They are superb

heather blogHeather - I Passed first Time!!
Never thought i'd be driving so quickly! We didn't spend ages at the side of the road
but got driving and went everywhere. I really enjoyed it and would heartily recommend them!

kristina blogKristina - I Passed first Time!!
We did lessons on so many different types of roads and they got me test standard quickly. I was very impressed, as most of my friends took months and months.

mattMatt - I passed first time!!
I kept putting my test off thinking I wouldn't pass, but thanks to Driver Training I did it first time no problem!!

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