Top Ten Reasons People Fail The Driving Test

Top Ten Reasons For Failing The Practical Driving Test

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top ten reasons for failing

  • Observation at Junctions: Ineffective observation and judgment

The minimum observations at a junction are right, left, right. But most people just look to the right see its clear and go. If you don't look left you cannot see what is there. It could be a parked car, it could be there is a car parked on the opposite side of the road and a bus going around it is now on your side of the road!


  • Reverse Parallel Parking: Ineffective observation or lack of accuracy

Before you turn your wheel check your blindspot! The front of the car is going to act like a barrier and swing out in front of other road users.

Focal points - Remember the focal point you have worked out with your instructor and USE it!!


  • Use of Mirrors: Not checking or not acting on what is seen

Mirrors should be used BEFORE any change of speed or direction. Not just left or right turns, so before accelerating, before slowing down or before moving past or around any other road users. Don't glance actually look and see if there is anything there.


  • Reversing Around a Corner: Ineffective observation or lack of accuracy

There's nothing wrong with using the mirrors, you just can't be "glued" to them! If you see you are about to hit the kerb or are too close. Pull forward a few feet and correct it. Keep checking around for other road users and pedestrians and if needed stop and wait to let them past.


  • Incorrect Use of Signals: Not cancelling or giving misleading signals

Make sure you don't leave the signal on or use it at the wrong time, such as passing parked cars.


  • Moving Away Safely: Ineffective observation

Check that blindspot along with the mirrors and react to what you see


  • Incorrect Positioning: At roundabouts or bends

As a general rule 12 o'clock or before = Left hand lane, AFTER 12 = Right hand lane. Unless road markings say otherwise.

On laned roundabouts, let the lane do the hard work! Stay between the white lines and DO NOT cross them!


  • Lack of Steering Control: Steering too early or too late

Observation - React to what you see! The further ahead you look and the earlier you plan - The easier it becomes.


  • Incorrect Positioning: When turning right at junctions and in one-way street

BOTH should be to the right. When turning right at junctions you should be just to left of the centre white line. When turning right on a one way road you should be in the RIGHT HAND LANE!


  • Inappropriate Speed: Going too slow or being hesitant

IF the road says 50 and its safe to do it - THEN DO IT!! This applies to all speed limits. You have probably been a passenger in a car, when someone has pulled out and gone slowly. This causes the other road users behind to get angry and can cause roadrage.

Or they may just try and overtake at an unacceptable place, thus causing a potential collision. It shows your examiner - Give me a driving licence and I'll pull out and cause traffic chaos!



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