Fleet Training

Fleet training services

Looking to reduce the operational costs of running your fleet and improve your driving incident and road safety records?

Fleet training benefits include:

  • continuous improvement of road safety performance
  • reduced insurance premiums and claims
  • reduced fuel consumption and vehicle wear and tear
  • reduced staff and vehicle downtime
  • improved corporate image for customers and the public.
  • a demonstrable commitment to compliance with health and safety standards

Driving risk down

 Fleet training provides risk management solutions to organisations seeking to improve their health and safety compliance, reduce fleet operational costs, and safeguard the welfare of employees who drive as part of their work activity.

Promoting the continuous development of personal driving skills and a greater awareness of,  and compliance with, road safety standards, we work with organisations to reduce the costs associated with 'occupational' driving incidents.

By assisting employers and fleet managers in developing a corporate road safety culture, and designing and implementing a strategy to reduce road risk, we help them fulfil their 'duty of care' to all employees whose work activities include driving.

This long-standing commitment to raising driving standards amongst those whose work involves driving, benefits the individual, the employer and the community in general.

Where does fleet training take place?

Driver Training Ltd deliver on-road training and 'refresher'  training at virtually any location in the UK

In addition, offering organisations and their people greater choice and flexibility when it comes to service delivery, we provide online risk assessments, e-learning, seminars and tailored workshops.

How can we be sure that fleet training will meet our needs?

Driver Training Ltd offers a comprehensive range of structured Driver Assessment and Training programmes designed to suit the requirements of most companies and organisations.

Relevant and focused, course formats and content are tailored to ensure that DTL fleet training really delivers: addressing real needs and, of course, covering any specific issues requested by the client.

Developing advanced driving skills

Drivers who have completed fleet driver training, may wish to consider taking the IAM's Advanced Driving Test. This demanding challenge calls for exceptionally high levels of driving competence and safety awareness, and leads to an internationally-recognised qualification that makes successful candidates especially valuable to their employer or sponsoring organisation.

From just £70 for a 2 hour assessment per driver, the benefits of fleet driver training speak for themselves.


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