Fleet Training

Fleet Training

A major benefit of Fleet Training is

Companies today have ever increasing insurance premiums and increased repair and servicing costs.

  • Help reduce the risk of accidents to your drivers

  • Get them upto date with the latest advanced driving techniques

  • Help them show consideration for the vehicle

  • Help them lower repair and servicing costs
  • Improved Company Image by the courteous driving of your staff

Take a couple of minutes to read what this is and if you are in charge of a company that uses vehicles and drivers, see the potential risk of not using Fleet Training.

The following excerpts are from the Crown Prosecution Service web site What is 'corporate manslaughter'?

A corporation or limited company (“a company”) can be prosecuted for manslaughter committed in the course of its operations

There are a wide variety of circumstances in which consideration may need to be given to indicting a company for manslaughter arising out of its operations. The victims of fatal accidents may be employees or customers of the company in question or members of the public.
Common examples are:

  • Work-related fatal accidents arising out of unsafe systems of work

  • Fatal road traffic accidents in cases where company vehicles are unsafe.

Fatal road accidents involving road haulage or transport companies cause much public anxiety.The House of Lords confirmed in R v Adomoko that involuntary gross negligence manslaughter includes 'motor manslaughter' but as section 1 Road Traffic Act specifically covers causing death by dangerous driving.

Where death has resulted from a road traffic accident caused by a defective vehicle you may need to consider whether the company, through one of its controlling officers, was responsible for any lack of maintenance of the vehicle concerned.

A transport manager, for example, might be identified as a “controlling officer” of the company. If he has been grossly negligent with regard to the maintenance of a vehicle under his care both he, and the company, may be prosecuted for manslaughter, if a fatal accident has occurred because of the dangerous condition of that vehicle.

If an employer, knowing or believing a vehicle to be in an unsafe condition, has ordered an employee to drive the vehicle and a fatal accident then occurred, consideration should be given to a charge of counselling or procuring death by dangerous driving.

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