Fun pictures of Mo Farah on the run

It's Mo running away from things! Fun pictures show Olympic hero Farah escaping from zombies, Batman and thousands of runaway brides

By Kerry Mcdermott

The disbelieving expression on the face of Mo Farah as he won the men's 5,000m final to claim his second Olympic gold medal has become one of the iconic images of the 2012 Games.

Now one fan has used the picture to create a hilarious online tribute to his Olympic hero, showing the track star on the run from an array of pursuers including murderous gangster Tony Montana, a pack of zombies, and - perhaps scariest of all - the Teletubbies.

The Tumblr site has racked up almost a million hits since creator Luke Harvey, 21, published it online on Sunday. The graduate described it as his tribute to a 'true Olympic legend'.

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Good thing he can run fast: Olympic star Mo appears to be on the run from comic book heroes Batman and Robin in this clever picture

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What would his wife say? One picture shows a crowd of brides in wedding dresses in hot pursuit of the distance runner, who is expecting twins with his wife Tania

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Dawn of the Dead: The double gold medal winner runs away from a horde of flesh eating zombies

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Help! Mo Farah appears to be in the path of the famous running of the bulls in Pamplona, Spain

Mr Harvey was inspired to put the blog together after watching Mo Farah's stunning second victory at the London games.

'Farah instantly became a legend,' said the graduate, who hopes to become a graphic designer and illustrator.

The idea came about as Mr Harvey and his friend watched slow motion footage of Farah crossing the finish line.

'We were laughing and saying you could put some cracking pictures behind it,' he told the MailOnline.

'It just started out as a joke between me and my mate,' said Mr Harvey, who is now hoping to meet the star distance runner.

'I'd be intrigued to know what he thinks of it,' he said.

'I'd like to think he would see the funny side - the whole aim of it was as a tribute to him.

'When he won the 5,000 metres it was just amazing.'

When he crossed the the finish line in the 5,000m final double gold medal winner Farah's face became a mask of astonishment as he absorbed the magnitude of his achievement.

Mr Harvey dropped the image of Farah into a host of hairy situations, to hilarious effect.

mo 5

Scarface: Farah is on the receiving end of Tony Montana's wrath after being dropped into a scene from the classic gangster film

mo 6

Hide me: The runner flees from the clutches of Teletubbies Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Laa-Laa and Po

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Get me out of here: The Team GB star is in the path of a plane in this image

mo 8

Animation: Spooky cartoon ghosts are on the tail of Team GB's Olympic hero in this picture taken from Luke Spee Harvey's Tumblr

mo 9

Jurassic Park: A dinosaur tries to catch up with the Olympic champion in a scene from the famous Spielberg flick

mo 10

On the run: Farah flees from a herd of cartoon wildebeest

mo 11

Online buzz: The track star outruns a rolling ball of concrete in an Indiana Jones style scrape

mo 12

Futuristic: Space-age jets are pictured in pursuit of our astonished Olympic champion

mo 13

Big hit: The Mo Farah Running Away from Things Tumblr has caught the attention of the government's Olympic Twitter channel

mo 14

Looney Tunes: Mo Farah takes the place of Road Runner with Wile E. Coyote hot on his heels

mo 15

Tribute: Tumblr creator Luke Spee Harvey described Mo Farah as a 'true Olympic legend'

mo 16

The real deal: This now famous image of Mo Farah's incredulous face as he crossed the finish line in the 5,000m men's final inspired the clever Tumblr

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