Guaranteed Pass Course

Guaranteed Pass Driving Course

Introducing our brand new way of learning to drive that is called a  guaranteed pass driving course. The Guaranteed Pass Course is designed for those individuals who have little or no driving experience whatsoever and who want to pass their theory and practical driving test in as little as three weeks. These courses are designed so that you have one fixed price to pay, and you know that there will be no further charges or added costs.

Guaranteed pass driving course joel

 10/03/ - Joel took a guaranteed pass driving course - and passed first time!






 Congratulations to Alicia
 She took our Guaranteed Pass driving Course and passed first time


Our driving school offers the very best in Guaranteed Pass driving Courses, and although it has a similar teaching and driver learning structure as our intensive driving courses, this unique driving course gives new learners everything they need to pass their driving test, first time, every time.

Guaranteed Pass Driving Course Shropshire

Sign up for the Guaranteed Pass Course with us and Driver Training Ltd and we will provide everything you need and we will continue to provide everything you need, until you pass. This is what sets us apart from any other local driving school; we don’t offer you just one opportunity to pass your driving test, but we offer you many. Driver Training Ltd is the only UK driving school to provide a true guaranteed Pass Course.

Not only do you get access to one of our first class driving instructors, but you also get our unlimited support, from your very first lesson, through to your theory test and practical examination.

How Cost Effective Is It?

The Guaranteed Pass Driving Course is the perfect solution for anyone who wants to learn to drive in a more cost effective and time aware manner. With this unique driving course you get everything you could possibly need;

  • The CD you need to get you through your theory test
  • We book upto 3 theory tests.
  • We book upto 2 practical driving tests.
  • We give you a FREE Pass Plus or Motorway Course when you pass both of these first time.
  • Upto 45 hours of driving lessons.

 How long will it take me?

Most people take from 1 week to 1 month but the course is valid for upto 6 months


Booking A Guaranteed Pass Driving Course

The cost of this unique course is set at just £1,600. and is possibly the most cost friendly driving course available today.

Just think, within the space of three weeks you could be the proud owner of a brand new driving licence.

No more waiting in the rain for busses, listening to the delayed train announcements on the station platform, no more tired aching feet from all that walking and certainly no more relying on parents or an expensive taxi service to get you where you need to be.




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*Driver Training Ltd reserve the right, that if the driving instructor thinks no driving progress is being made or because of restrictions through age or co-ordination problems the pupil is not any closer to driving test standard a maximum of 50 hours driving lessons shall be allotted and adhered to. All Guaranteed pass driving courses must be paid for in full at least ten days before the start of the course. Seven days notice must be given of cancellation or no refund will be due. if paying by debit or credit card a small 3% fee will be added to the amount being paid to cover the cost of the card payment process.
**all  courses must be completed within 6 months of commencing