HGV medical

Drivers Doctor Medical Examination.

New drivers to gain provisional driving entitlement for driving lorries and coaches
and for renewals for existing drivers

To get a Provisional/Learner Licence to drive a truck or bus/coach you must have a medical examination by a Doctor. The medical doesn't have to completed by your own local GP who will normally charge £80 to £150 for the 15 minute examination.

At the age of 45 every large vehicle licence holder will need to have a medical every 5 years to keep their licence.

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The most common reason for candidates to be failed undergoing this type of examination, is their failure to meet the minimum standard for eyesight set by the DVLA for LGV/PCV drivers.

The minimum eyesight standard set for LGV/PCV drivers (C1, C1+E, D1, D1+E, C, C+E, D and D+E) is higher than that required for car drivers.

You may legally drive a car with monocular vision (complete or partial loss of vision in one eye), as long as you meet the minimum eyesight standard (with or without correction – spectacles/contact lenses) with the other eye.

For LGV/PCV driving, the minimum eyesight standard approximates to being able to read, in good daylight, a number plate at 20.5 metres with EACH EYE INDIVIDUALLY. THAT IS, YOU NEED GOOD VISION IN EACH EYE. REMEMBER, THIS IS A LEGAL REQUIREMENT.

If a candidate does not meet the minimum standard for eyesight at the time of the examination, he/she will be failed, as the minimum legal standards for LGV/PCV driving will not have been met.

It is therefore advisable that all candidates who are unsure as to whether they meet the minimum standards, arrange an examination with an optician to confirm whether they do or not, and to obtain a prescription for correction (spectacles/contact lenses) if they do not.