hgv class1


About the driving test

When taking the LGV practical driving test you should aim for a professional standard. You'll pass if your examiner sees that you can.

drive safely to a high standard.
  • show expert handling of the controls.
  • carry out the set exercises accurately and under control.
  • demonstrate through your driving that you have a through knowledge of The-highway Code and other matters concerning vehicle safety.

    How your driving test is assessed.

    Your examiner will assess any errors you make. They will be assessed and recoreded depending on their degree of seriousness and marked on the Driving Test Report form.(DLV25).

    You will fail your test if you commit a serious or dangerous fault. You will also fail if you accumalate too many driving faults (previously known as minor faults).

    The criteria the examiner will use are as follows

    Driving Fault - less serious but has been assessed as such because of circumstances at that particular
  • Serious Fault - recorded when a potentially dangerous incidents has occured or a habitual driving fault indicates a serious weakness in a candidate's driving.
  • Dangerous fault - recorded when fault is assessed as having caused actual danger during the test.

    At the end of the test you will be offered some general guidance to explain your driving test report.

    The examiner will give directions clearly in good time.
    Asked to carry out set exercises.

    What the test consists of :

    Apart from general drivng, the test will include
  • reversing within a marked area into a restricted opening.
  • a braking exercise.
  • show me tell questions.
  • moving off on the level, at an angle, uphill and downhill.
  • demonstrating the uncoupling and recoupling, procedure, if you're taking the test with
    the trailer.

    Duration of the test

    About 90 minutes.