Instructor Training by Phone

ORDIT Training By Phone - 0800 1 777 149

Ordit training by phone

  ** Done at a time to suit you

  ** ORDIT Trainers

  ** GO through any aspects you are unsure of

  ** Book from as little as 1 hour

  ** They Call you back

  ** Fits around your schedule and work

  ** Just £25 per session


1 to 1 Training By phone

In these increasingly busy times we live in, people are often training to become driving instructors around there normal jobs.

This means that very often they may face problems in their training that they are not sure how to deal with, but because they are at work all day, they have no real chance to sort them out or have them explained.

We overcome that!

How It Works

You Call the Freephone number 0800 1 777 149 

You decide the amount of hours you wish to book (usually just 1 to begin with)

One hour is classed as a "session"

You pay by card and arrange a suitable time for the trainer to call you back

Your call is then timed so if you only spend 12 minutes talking you have 48 mins left on your account

At Just £25 per session it really does equal value for money.

And gets you nearer to becoming a driving instructor.

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