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Instructor training course options

All of the driving instructor training courses have the following points in common.

They are all designed to fit around your current job and commitments

They are all flexible as to the times and days that they can be booked on.

If things change, the training can be put on hold till a more suitable time

Continued training and guidance throughout the whole trainiing process

Learning on a one to one basis

Learning at your pace not ours

A course that is completely and totally moulded around you and no one else.

Train to become a driving instructor

Guaranteed Pass Training Course

The complete package - all the hours of training you want, all the tests paid for.

Gold Training Course

The most popular course we offer - see why  

Silver Training Course

For those who may have already done some training before. The silver course.

Intensive Training Course

If you are pushed for time and need to do as much training as possible, in the shortest possible time, why not try this option?

Residential Intensive Training Course

Why not use a week or two to do your training and take in the beauty of the Ironbridge Gorge, The birthplace of Industry and the beauty of shropshire, with our residential instructor training courses?

Intensive hourly training

Why not just book half day (4 hours) or Full day (8 hours) training sessions. These are charged at just £25 per hour.