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Become a driving instructor - Gold course

For those wanting to become a driving instructor, of the driving instructor training courses that we offer, it is currently the gold course that has proven the most popular. It gives a good mix of value for money and great instructor training opportunities.

With all of the training courses we offer, except for the guaranteed pass, Driver Training Ltd will book the first test for you on each of the three parts. Any subsequent tests needed after that are left to you to book.

For every driving instructor training course, the training for part 2 and part 3 is always done on a one to one basis.

On all of our courses to become a driving instructor, we price them on the hours that the DSA says you should recieve to be proficient as you train to become a driving instructor.

We don't charge you in advance for another 30 hours of training that you should never need (unlike most big instructor training colleges).

The Gold course is set into 3 parts.

Gold Course - Part 1

For you to start to train to become a driving instructor, we provide all the relevant training materials that you will need to help you to become a driving instructor. This includes all books, cd's and dvd's that you will need to start building up your knowledge of the latest and most up to date training techniques and road regulations.

When you feel ready for the Adi part one test, Driver Training Ltd book the first test for you. This will be done at a relevant DSA theory test centre that is closest to where you live.

Gold Course - Adi Part 2

As soon as you pass your part one, we start on part 2. This is your advanced driving test. Where you will spend at least 70 mins driving the Senior Examiner (SE) and you can only get a maximum of 6 driving faults without failing.

The key to success in this is to practice, practice, practice. If you've been driving a long time, you will have a LOT of bad driving habits to break.

We provide the training local to you, (where available) and this is normally done in half day or full day blocks.

You will be given and talked through in depth reports of your driving standard and what you may have to do to improve and reach the desired standard.

This is where all the training and revision for your part one will kick in, because you'll understand what is required in a lot more detail.

Hand in hand with your part 2 training, will begin the part 3 training. Because you need to think about and evaluate your own driving, because you will have to explain to me on part 3 how to do it. So to help you with this, we provide colour file sheets and commentary driving sheets

Gold Course - Part 3

The Adi part 3 exam is a teaching exam, as such everything that you have done in parts 1 and 2 needs to be brought out and passed onto your student, as you now need to develop your role of the driving instructor and be able to tell me exactly what i need to do in order to complete my objective

We provide you one to one training to give you a minimum of 40 hours training at this part.

We provide and explain all of your Pre Set Tests (pst) sheets.

We teach you to improve your commentary driving and give examples and tips and hints to understand how to do it more thoroughly.

As you begin to feel more confident with the role play we conduct mock tests so you can better understand what is required to pass your adi part 3 exam.

We provide you with a thorough understanding of giving a good, clear briefing and how not to turn it into a 20 minute snooze fest.

The full price for the Gold Course including the first attempt at each of the relevant tests with the DSA is only


This can be split into 3 equal payments of £700. Which are payable before the start of each section

To book your course or to gain further information call FREE now on 0800 1 777 149 or apply online.

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