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Peter Intensive driving course  Peter travelled up from Southampton for a one week course. He started on monday

  and passed his driving test first time on friday afternoon



Intensive driving courses in dudley can be the quickest and most cost efficient way to get your driving licence.

Intensive driving courses in dudley are the fastest way to take the DSA (Driving Standards Agency) official driving test.

Is an intensive driving course right for me?

For the vast majority of people the answer is a simple yes. If you want to pass your test in dudley quickly, are willing to learn and come with the right attitude you can learn to drive in just five days!

An intensive driving course in dudley offers students concentrated 1:1 driving tuition and unparalleled guidance and support through their driving theory and practical lessons. There is no compromise on quality or safety and you can choose to learn with either a male or female instructor.

We have successfully taught people of all ages and walks of life, even a few celebrities.

Why are intensive driving courses dudley so effective?

Traditional driving lessons take 1 or 2 hours tuition every week over a period of months. This is often not enough consolidated practice time for the majority of learners to make real progress.

DSA research shows that the average person can take up to 45 lessons to pass their driving test using the traditional approach. At an average of £25 per lesson (plus test fees) the costs and time can soon add up.

Attending an intensive driving course provides students with the perfect learning environment.

From the start you are assigned a dedicated DSA qualified instructor who will work with you on a one to one basis across the whole five days. There is no car sharing and you have the choice to learn in either

Kerry  Kerry - I did a 20 hour course and passed first time!
  Having some driving experience, Kerry did her course in one week through the snow and blizzards (as you can see in the pic)   and she passed first time with 2 minor driving faults.


Driving Crash Course Dudley

When it comes to driving lessons, some people prefer not to take weeks or months taking lessons to get to test standard. If that is the case then perhaps an intensive Driving Course is for you.

Who needs this type of course?

  • Professional people who suddenly find that they quite quickly need a licence
  • People who need to pass quite quickly for jobs, college or just to see a boyfriend or girlfriend more easily
  • People who don't wish to spend months on lessons but want to be independent and not having to be reliant on buses or parents.

Intensive Driving Courses Dudley

are suitable for people who want to pass there driving test in ONE to THREE weeks and don't want to spend months and years learning.

You will need to have 2-4 hours a day to spend learning to drive. All courses can be altered to fit your circumstances and timetable.

Hours Theory test passed Course lasts Cost
8 yes 2 days £160
15 yes 5 days  £300
 20 yes 2 weeks £400
25 x 2 weeks £500
30 x 2-3 weeks £600
 35 x    2-3 Weeks  £700
40 x 2-4 Weeks £800

NOT INCLUDING TEST. (To be booked separately)

**All fees need to be paid 1 week before of your driving course. You will have the same driving instructor for the length of your course.
On a Semi-Intensive course you can pay in full or in stages. You will learn on a one to one basis with no other pupils in the car.

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