Mock Driving Tests

Mock driving tests - Are they important?

When it comes to the driving test, it doesnt matter how good a driver you are, it doesnt matter how much you know your highway code or your theory test. It all boils down to just one thing ---- How you cope with the pressure on the day.

  Some of the best drivers that we have ever had, have taken 3 or 4 attempts to pass their driving test, because on the day, under the the pressure of taking their test, they have done something uncharacteristic. Something which, in perhaps 40 hours of driving lessons, they have never done!

Pressure of driving test

As an example, one of our pupils, who we shall call Alex, despite being an A level chemistry student, despite going to Oxford University, despite getting a near 100% in both the Theory test and Hazard Perception.

On the day of his driving test was asked by the Examiner to "Go right at the roundabout 5th exit", as from the first time we do roundabouts, we instill the rule - 12 O'clock or before = Left hand lane -- After 12 O'clock right hand lane.

The examiner had said go right, so therefore it was right hand lane........ Alex proceeds to swerve into the left hand lane and go around the roundabout in the left hand lane!!! Back at the test centre Alex was asked by the examiner "To go right on a roundabout, which lane should we be in?"

"LEFT" - came the reply,

"No, listen to me, to go right at a roundabout, which lane should i be in?"

Again the reply came back "Left"

At which point the examiner looked at me and told me to perhaps go through this with him!

5 minutes later as we drove back, i asked Alex that same question, this time he gave the correct answer then gasped and clutched his head as he realised what he'd been saying to the examiner.

He knew it, He did it correctly every lesson, He just let the pressure of the day get to him.

Mock Driving Test

This is where when doing an intensive driving course reaps dividends, because over the course of the week you are able to do at least three or four mock driving tests with your pupils so that by the day of the real driving test, they are used to the pressure and are far more likely to pass their driving test first time.

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