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New driving test - What does it mean for you?

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 As you look at the sign above, if you were asked to follow the sign for Crawley :-

 Which exit would you need to take? 

 Which lane would you need to get into?

 So what would you need to do first?





Independent driving success

If you answered



Mirrors and signal to the right.

Then you would be on your way to passing your driving test!! Very simply put, this is all that the new independent section of the driving test really entails. Following a clear and well sign posted route and then just thinking for yourself about what you need to do to get to your destination.

The key to passing your driving test is to constantly be thinking and planning ahead, something that most drivers do not do. Which is why you constantly see so much late lane changing or going around roundabouts in the wrong lane!! This is why the DSA have introduced the part of the test, to make sure you are not solely reliant on your driving instructor simply saying "Go right third exit".

This part of your driving test will last approx 10 mins and then your driving examiner will tell you, that the independent part has finished and he will resume giving instructions.

What happens if I go wrong?

Then don't panic and keep everyone safe! If you realised you were in the left lane, If you cannot safely do mirrors and signal and move across, then, simply signal left and take the correct exit for the lane that you are in. Your driving examiner will then instruct you on how to get back on route.

The key is to show them "if you give me a driving licence and i get in the wrong lane, look how safe i'm going to be"


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