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ORDIT - The Official Register of Driving Instructor Trainers


Driver Training Ltd are proud to be on the DSA Official Register of Driving Instructor Training, if your trainer is not ORDIT registered don't use them!

Prospective driving instructors are advised by the Driving Standards Agency to train to become a driving instructor with an ORDIT registered trainer.

ORDIT trainers have undergone very thorough inspections of their work. The DSA Supervising Examiners (ADI) conducts these inspections.


Unfortunately within this industry there are a number of very dubious trainers and instructor training groups that have sprung up over the last 5 to 10 years. Some of these trainers are in fact learner driver instructors who have little or no experience of teaching people how to become an instructor, and some training groups seem to be more concerned in getting as many people as possible to hand over large sums of money with little or no incentive to get you qualified. Regrettably they seem to show more skill at getting your money than they are at training. 

How to choose a trainer

When paying out good money for instructor training make sure you are getting the best training possible. Only ORDIT registered trainers have had their work assessed by the Driving Standards Agency, and only these trainers are approved and recommended by the DSA without any exceptions.

Questions to ask

Are you an ORDIT registered trainer?

Can you show me or send me proof of this?

Can you give me names of instructors who have passed with you?

What is your current pass rate for part 3?

Will all my training be on a one to one basis?

If they guarantee a franchise at the end of your training - How many cars do you have on the road?

(If its 1 or 2 they obviously aren't good at what they do)

Make sure you check out your trainer's history of ADI training by asking for testimonials of people they have trained as many driving schools are putting ADI training in their adverts and in fact may have done very little or none of this training previously. ADI training is very different to learner driver training. 

Take the advice of the DSA. They advise you in their ADI 14 "Your road to becoming an Approved Driving Instructor" to check out very carefully and to get the answers in writing to your questions and not to sign anything or pay out for a complete course unless you are sure that the course is what you want. Ask yourself why do they put this in bold print in a government booklet? 

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