Driving Test Success - Practical Pc/CD/DVD

Driving Test Success - Practical Pc/CD/DVD


Driving Test Success - Practical Pc/CD/DVD

Get the confidence and knowledge you need to become a safe and considerate driver, whilst saving you time and money.

Practice, revise and refresh the essential driving skills taught to you by your Approved Driving Instructor, before and after lessons. Featuring a virtual 3D car and town you will be able to practice, under instruction, the many vital driving routines on your PC – at your leisure! Watch the supporting video clips of mock driving lessons to get professional advice on observation issues, safe driving practices and techniques. Including a step-by-step guide to prepare you for the new “Show Me, Tell Me”* part of the test. Prepare for your driving lessons and impress your instructor with your new knowledge with this essential study aid.

Remember, there is no substitute for getting real driving experience with your Approved Driving Instructor.

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  • Information Centre - advice on what you need to know before starting your driving lessons.
  • Know Your Car - find out about the main car controls and how they work.
  • Easy to Use - keyboard and mouse controls to drive the car.
  • Over 100 “3D” Driving Sessions - for you to revise essential manoeuvres.
  • Tutorial Videos – watch how a professional instructor performs a variety of manoeuvres.
  • Show Me, Tell Me - step-by-step guide for the new question and answer test.
  • Virtual Test Section - identify your strengths and weaknesses.

Driving Sessions Cover:

  • Pre-drive safety checks
  • Moving off procedure
  • Moving off uphill and downhill
  • Safely stopping the car
  • Stopping distances
  • Separation distances
  • Mirror Signal Manoeuvre Routine (MSM)
  • Position Speed Look Routine (PSL)
  • Assessing and driving through bends
  • Assessing/Driving through double bends
  • Emerging and exiting at junctions
  • Negotiating give way junctions
  • Negotiating stop junctions
  • Negotiating controlled crossroads
  • Turning and passing through roundabouts
  • Reversing issues
  • Reversing into a side road
  • Turn in the road
  • Reverse park beside the road
  • Bay parking
  • Uphill and downhill parking
  • Encountering pedestrian crossings
  • Encountering hazards
  • Road condition hazards
  • Completing safe emergency stops
  • Driving in fog, wind, rain, ice and at night
  • Joining and exiting a dual carriageway
  • Driving on a dual carriageway
  • Joining and exiting a motorway
  • Overtaking on a motorway
  • Motorway signs and signals
  • Applying the Two Second Rule

Driving Test Success Practical

Driving Test Success Practical

System Requirements

PC Operating System: Windows 98 / Me / 2000 / XP / Vista
PC CPU Type and Speed: Pentium III 450 or equivalent
Hard Drive Space (MB): 211MB
Memory: 64MB (128MB recommended)
Graphics: Any 16MB 100% DirectX 8.1 compatible graphics card (800x600x16bit or higher)
Audio: Any 100% DirectX 8.1 compatible soundcard
Printer: Required to print user manual
Multiplayer: N/A
Internet: N/A
Extra Info: This product is suitable for UK & Northern Ireland tests only.


Auto Express Recommended "Extensive material includes driving an on-screen virtual car and many in-vehicle clips of real-life instruction." 4/5 Auto Express


Computeractive Buy It! Award "We were genuinely impressed with this title. The instructions are clear and the course is quite thorough. It even includes tutorials on after-test scenarios." 5/5 Computeractive


Windows XP Made Easy Editor's Choice "This is a comprehensive program that brings the driving test experience to life at a great price. This is an ideal companion that combines your real-life experience with a wealth of practical knowledge." 9/10 Windows XP Made Easy

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