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With Christmas just around the corner, we all know what the weather is like. The damp foggy mornings, ice, rain, strong winds etc, so more and more people are taking advantage of the opportunity to pass their driving test by xmas. Whether you need just a few hours or are a complete beginner, we are the experts in helping you to get to driving test standard in the shortest possible time.

Courses To Suit You

The great thing with the intensive driving courses is that most people tend to have some time off in the run up to christmas, or they may just want to use their christmas break to get as much driving experience as they can whilst they are off work.

The thrill of travelling around seeing the sights in other towns or cities, delivering presents to loved ones or just being able to take your loved ones for a lovely meal somewhere are just some of the reasons people choose to do these intensive christmas driving courses.

christmas driving

Be driving by Christmas

Intensive Driving Courses are suitable for people who want to pass there driving test in ONE to THREE weeks and don't want to spend months and years learning.

You will need to have 2-4 hours a day to spend learning to drive. All courses can be altered to fit your circumstances and timetable.


Hours Theory test passed Course lasts Cost
8 YES 2 days £160
15 YES 5 days  £300
 20 YES 2 weeks £400
25 x 2 weeks £500
30 x 2-3 weeks £600
 35 x    2-3 Weeks  £700
40 x 2-4 Weeks £800

NOT INCLUDING TEST. (To be booked separately)

**All fees need to be paid 1 week before of your driving course. 7 days cancellation is needed before for all course cancellations, without loss of course fee. or You will have the same driving instructor as far as is possible for the length of your course.
On a Semi-Intensive course you can pay in full or in stages. You will learn on a one to one basis with no other pupils in the car.


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