PDI Trainee Licence

Pdi Trainee Licence  - Pink badge

Apply for a trainee licence to give driving instruction

Driving instructor training pink licence

You must receive supervision or further training from your school after you have been issued with a trainee licence to give driving instruction.

When you complete the ADI 21T form - to apply for your trainee licence - you will have two options to choose from.

You are not allowed to change your option once your application has been received, so you should consider which one will be best suited to you.

Option one

Your sponsoring Approved Driving Instructor (ADI) will supervise you for 20 per cent of all lessons you give.

A record must be kept on the Licensed Trainee Supervision Record - form ADI 21S - which will be issued with the trainee licence.

This must be signed by both you and your ADI and returned to the DSA when the licence expires.

Option two

You will complete a minimum of 20 hours additional training in the topics in the training programme.

This extra training must take place within the first three months of the licence or before you take your first attempt at part three - whichever is sooner.

The training must be recorded on the Instructor Training Declaration form ADI 21AT, which will be issued with the trainee licence.

The completed ADI 21AT form must be sent to DSA before the end of the three month period, or presented to the examiner who carries out your ADI part three test - whichever is sooner.

At least 25 per cent of the training must be practical in-car training, with usually no more than two trainees to one ADI. If you fail your first or second attempt at the ADI part three test, you must provide evidence that you have taken five hours additional training at the time of your next attempt, otherwise your trainee licence may be revoked.

The syllabus has been designed to make sure you have received the assistance you need in order to pass the ADI part three test.

The choice as to whether to take a trainee licence rests totally with you! But you should not use it to EARN but to LEARN.The amount of potential driving instructors who tell us they are "only working 20 or 25 hours a week, but it needs to be more" is astounding.

The whole point of having the pink badge is so you get experience, if you use it as a job you WILL NOT have the time to think about what you are doing right or wrong, therefore you will not give yourself a good chance of passing your adi part 3!

Do I have to pass my part 3 test before my pink badge runs out?

No. Your trainee badge will last you for 6 months, this is to allow you to get experience in teaching real pupils before goig for your part 3 test. You have 2 years from the time you qualify for your adi part one test in which to take all 3 attempts at part 3. This is to allow you loads of time to get the right training and so have the best chance of passing your part 3 first time.



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