POM Routine

P.O.M Routine

Whether you are learning to drive or taking your Adi part 2 test, you will often hear the phrase to do "the POM Routine".

What is it?

Why do we do it?

How do we do it?

P.O.M Routine - Preparation

The first thing to do whether you have just pulled up at the side of the road and are preparing to move off, or have just entered the car and are getting ready to move off is to PREPARE the car.

This will include

Putting the car into the appropriate gear to move away. (Depending if on a downhill)

Making Sure that if you have pulled up at the side of the road you have cancelled the signal.

Making sure the handbrake is on and that we do not release it too early so as to avoid rolling back. Also that when we do release it, it is fully off.