Top 10 Professions caught Speeding

Speeding menace of doctors and barristers: Both are in top ten of professionals caught breaking the limit

  • Research found speeding motorists were likely to have big egos
  • Table of professions caught speeding features surgeons and barristers
  • The survey comes as MoneySupermarket reveals that 7 in 10 of ALL driving convictions are for speeding.In the gender split, 9.2% of men have a speeding conviction: a full 3% more than women. It’s 40-49 year olds who are most likely to have a conviction, followed by people in their 30s and then 50-64 year olds.

  • Younger drivers? They are LEAST likely to have a conviction for speeding, with male drivers aged 20-24 having a conviction rate of 7.2%, and females a 4.4% rate…

By Sean Poulter

Hospital consultants and barristers are among the most dangerous drivers on the road, a study has found.

Both are in a top ten of professions caught speeding which is headed by company operations directors, surgeons and sales directors.

Researchers found that speeding motorists are more likely to have big egos, high-powered jobs and expensive cars.

Porsche drivers are most likely to be caught driving too fast, ahead of those with an Aston Martin, Jaguar or Bentley.

They may be too well-off to be deterred from their thrill-seeking tendencies by the prospect of a fine.

Or they may enjoy the risk of living life in the fast lane and do not believe they will get caught.

The result is that other road users are more at risk from  middle-aged men with high- powered jobs and expensive cars than from boy racers.

The figures were compiled by price comparison website from details supplied by drivers searching for insurance – more than 14million quotes over 12 months.

Those in basic cars and low-paid jobs, students and drivers aged 20 to 24 were least likely to have a speeding conviction.

Men in their 40s are far more likely to speed than any others.

Some 11.4 per cent of those aged 40-49 had a speeding conviction, compared to 8.6 per cent of women in this group.

Top 10 professions registering a conviction for speeding


1 Operations director


2 Surgeon


3 Sales director


4 MD


5 Chartered surveyor


6 Chief executive


7 Commissioned officer


8 Financial adviser


9 Hospital consultant


10 Barrister


Kevin Pratt from MoneySupermarket said: ‘Your profession can say a lot about you. The temptation to speed is too much for some to resist.’

Researchers found speeding motorists were more likely to have big egos and high-powered jobs

Researchers found speeding motorists were more likely to have big egos and high-powered jobs

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