When will I know if I'm ready for test

When will I know if I'm ready for my driving test?

The answer to this one is to listen to what your driving instructor is, or to be more accurate, IS NOT saying. With driving instruction the better you become at driving the less your driving instructor should be speaking to you, after all on your test your driving examiner probably won't speak to you at all and he certainly won't remind you to slow down, because that will probably mean you've just failed!

So that by the time you are ready for test for most of the hour's lesson he or she should be almost quiet or at least just talking about mundane things rather than highlighting flaws in your driving. For instance if you are still drivig around and your driving instructor is saying "What's the speed limit?.....Then let's do it!" or "Slow Down!" or "Don't pull out yet!!!!"

Chances are in all honesty, you're not ready for your test.

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