Should i become a driving instructor?

Should I become a driving instructor?

We are a company that trains people to become driving instructors.

We earn a living from driving instructor training.

We are on the DSA Official Register of Driving Instructor Trainers.

In short we know what we are talking about and have nothing to gain by telling you these things!


MYTH - You will earn £30,000 per year

Fact - You will probably struggle to make anywhere near that mark. Out of the 52 weeks in a year you will take at least 3 off in holidays and if you allow yourself one week per year for illness, that means to make £30,000 in 48 weeks = £625 per week. That means working a minimum of 31 hours per week.

Not too bad I hear you say! Yes but thats before expenses! On fuel working those hours you'll lose at least £100 per week, then you have the leasing of your car for the week = £70 then insurance = £15.

Suddenly that £625 has now become £440 and that is before tax, national insurance and any health insurance costs.

It can be earned but it is very hard going.

Should i become a driving instructor

MYTH - You can work the hours you choose

Fact - You can but only if you don't want to earn any money! People on driving lessons will TELL YOU when THEY are available and you have to fit in with them. Which will generally be evenings and weekends. So if you think you will tell people when you are available, you are going to have a lot of free time on your hands.


MYTH - The big driving schools are the best for training.

Fact - Ask to see there current pass rates! Most national companies will do there training on a 2-1 or 3-1 basis, the faster you are off the training course the more profit they make. You only get 3 attempts to pass the adi part 2 and the adi part 3 tests, then you are off the course until your 2 years are up.


MYTH - People can still learn whilst being taught on a two to one basis

Fact - Rubbish and total codswallop!! Would you expect a learner driver to get to driving test standard by sitting in the back watching someone else?

Of course not, and no one learns to become a driving instructor by sitting in the back either.

Its only when you are in the front seat, under pressure and having to look at things in real time that you learn to cope. It's really interesting that those so called "driving instructor trainers" that advocate the corporate spiel of 2-1 or 3-1 actually went off and had private tuition themselves when they were learning to become a driving instructor.

The real reason for teaching people like this is purely and simply PROFIT! With 2 people in the car you've got £8000 of business and the 40 hours that EACH person should receive AS AN INDIVIDUAL is shared between both.

Choosing the right instructor trainer

The proof of what we are saying?

According to DSA figures published January 2011

Out of 100 people who want to become a driving instructor

50% passed their Adi part one (Theory Test) So out of 100 people only 50 got past the Adi part one

52% passed their Adi part two (driving test) So out of 50 people only 26 got through to adi part three.

34% then qualified to become a driving instructor. So out of 26 people left, only 9 people actually became an ADI!!

In 2009-10 some 18,000 people applied to started on the road to becoming a driving instructor, only 4000 were added to the register as fully qualified ADI's

Seen any of the big teaching colleges or schools tell you that??

Make sure you choose the best possible training course, with the best possible chance of passing!!!

Questions to ask before choosing a training course to become a driving instructor

  • Will ALL of my trainers be ORDIT registered trainers?
  • Will they show me there ORDIT badge before training me?
  • Will I have the SAME trainer for my entire course?
  • Will ALL my training be done on a one to one basis?
  • Can I pay for each part as i do it?
  • Do you come to me?

If the company you are going with says NO to any of these DO NOT go with them! Chances are, you WILL end up failing!!

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