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We offer a full range of SMART repairs
including Following Services :
Alloy Wheel Repairs
Stone Chips
Bumper Scuffs
Vandal Scratches
Windscreen chips
Paint and Fabric Protection


Alloy Wheels

Kerbed and scuffed alloys if left un-repaired can result in the spread of
 oxidation leading to more expensive repairs at a later date.
Without removing the wheel from the tyre or even the wheel from the vehicle
 we can repair paint damage on site restoring the wheel to its original factory

Scratch Repairs

Only the scratched area itself is repaired and not the entire panel. Using
our Lechler fan deck system it is possible to select the actual colour shade
where a multi-shade coloured panel has been damaged or paintwork has
 faded as a result of ultraviolet exposure and weathering.
The scratch is sanded and/or filler/primer applied to re-instate the
damaged surface to its true level, The area is then re-coloured & lacquered.


Repaired using body-filler and sanded to provide a smooth contour
matching that of the existing panel. The repair area is then primed, coloured
 and lacquered to blend into the surrounding panel area making the original
dent difficult to distinguish .

Cracked Bumper

Exterior mouldings, mirror casings, bumpers and motorcycle fairings,
 which have become cracked, need not necessarily be replaced. In many
cases plastic welding can remedy the crack and subsequent re-finishing
techniques makes the part look as good as new at a fraction of replacement
costs. Texture and colour is applied to the plastic component to ensure
 remedial works exactly replicate the original factory fitted item.

Colour Coded Bumper Scuff

Exterior mouldings, mirror casings, bumpers and motorcycle fairings,
 which have become scuffed, need not be fully painted. Texture
(where necessary) and matching colour is applied to the plastic
 component then lacquered to ensure remedial works exactly replicate the
original factory fitted item.

Car Valeting

We offer a service of car valeting that is second to none.

Mini Valet

from £30.00 - A low cost valet which is suited to a new vehicle and those valeted on a regular basis and includes:-

  • Vehicle exterior wash/wax and leather off.
  • Interior vacuumed.
  • Dashboard and vinyls wiped over.
  • Wheels/Tyres cleaned and dressed (if dry).
  • Exterior windows cleaned.

Mini Valet ~ Plus

from £35.00 - Slightly more than a Mini Valet and suited to vehicles valeted on a regular basis and includes:-

  • Vehicle exterior wash/wax and leather off.
  • Interior and boot vacuumed.
  • Door shuts cleaned.
  • Dashboard, vinyls and centre console wiped over.
  • Windows cleaned - inside and out.
  • Wheels/Tyres cleaned and dressed (if dry).
  • Vehicle de-odorized.

Standard Valet from £55.00 - This is a comprehensive valet and suitable for vehicle handovers and includes:-

  • Traffic film remover applied to wheels and lower body, then power washed off.
  • Exterior wash/wax, rinse and leather dry.
  • Door shuts cleaned.
  • Exterior vinyls/rubbers cleaned and dressed.
  • Windows/mirrors cleaned and polished.
  • Carpets, seats and boot vacuumed.
  • Dashboard and facia cleaned and dressed.
  • Rubber mats, if fitted, cleaned and dressed.
  • Interior de-odorized

Interior Valet from £60.00 - A valet specially designed to cope with interior stains and smells which includes:-

  • Boot, seats and carpets vacuumed.
  • Upholstery and carpets shampooed.
  • Leather upholstery treated if fitted.
  • Interior vinyls cleaned and dressed.
  • Interior glass cleaned and polished.
  • Interior de-odorized.

Full Valet from £100.00 -

This valet is recommended for clients who wish to sell or have just bought a new vehicle and includes all the features of the Standard Valet plus:-

  • Exterior paintwork hand waxed and polished.
  • Upholstery and Carpets shampooed.
  • Headlining cleaned as required.
  • Interior vinyls cleaned and dressed.

Additional Services

  • Complete Exterior Valet - from £50.00
  • Wash/wax and leather dry - from £15.00
  • Exterior hand wax and polish - from £25.00
  • Upholstery or carpets shampooed - from £40.00
  • Upholstery stain removal - from £25.00
  • Tar spot removal - from £25.00

Full Price List

Valet Price List (all prices are a minimum charge)
Car SizeSmallMediumLarge4x4/MPV
Mini Valet £30.00 £35.00 £40.00 £45.00
Mini Valet Plus £35.00 £40.00 £45.00 £50.00
Interior Valet £60.00 £65.00 £70.00 £75.00
Standard Valet £55.00 £60.00 £65.00 £70.00
Full Valet £100.00 £110.00 £130.00 £150.00
VW Lupo
Fiat Seicento
Renault Clio
Nissan Micra
Audi A3
Ford Focus
Peugeot 207/307
BMW 3 Series
Mercedes C
VW Golf
BMW 5/7 Series
Mercedes E/S
All Jaguar
Renault Scenic
Vauxhall Zafira
VW Passat
Ford Mondeo
All MPVs
Range Rover
Landrover Discovery
Mercedes GL/ML
Rolls Royce/Bentley
All Super Cars
  • Should your own vehicle not be shown on the above list, please select a comparable model.
  • Estate vehicles: Please add 10% to the basic price above.
  • Vehicles with pet hair, please add 15% to the basic price above.
  • Vehicles in extremely poor condition will attract further charges
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  Minor Dents


Stone Chips


Bumper Scuffs

Damaged Interior Trim

Full Valets & Supagards.

Using  SMART repair solutions limit the repair to the damaged area only and not the complete panel. Using specially formulated paints and chemicals factory paint finishes can be restored giving a near perfect job. The restored repair area is virtually undetectable from the original factory paint finish and is completed in hours rather than days thus providing significant cost and timesavings to you the valued customer. All work is carried out at the customers designated site resulting in significant savings of more than 50% when compared to traditional bodyshop methods.

Damaged or broken plastics, on bumpers, spoilers and motorcycle fairings, are extremely expensive to replace. In the majority of cases, using our specialist plastic welding and finishing techniques the need for replacement is eliminated.

In addition to exterior car paint rectification, we can repair damage to a vehicle's interior trim without the need to re-cover expensive fabrics, vinyl's and leathers. Unsightly cigarette burns, dashboard accessory holes and seat tears are a thing of the past and can again be rectified at a fraction of the cost of replacement.


Our aim is to provide a friendly, high quality but cost-effective repair service to our customers taking away the fuss normally associated with cosmetic vehicle repairs.

Over the next few years we aim to expand our operation by the addition of more mobile units as well as a fixed base cosmetic care centre which will provide greater flexibility to our trade and retail customers.

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